11 Ideas to Give Your Spine Special Treatment

11 Ideas to Give Your Spine Special Treatment Blog  Spine Treatment

Rather than waiting until your back aches in order to do something for it, you can start taking care of it now. Here are 11 ways to treat your spine and save yourself some pain later.

Believe There is a Connection Between Mind and Body

Meditation is a great way to fend off back pain. Studies have been done on meditation and have shown that meditation will help those that have chronic back pain fight against it. Although why and how it works is still somewhat of a mysterious, taking time to meditate everyday may help with pain relief.

Exercise Daily

We all hear how good it is to exercise, but research shows that exercise is necessary for a healthy spine. Exercising can even help those with an injured spine rehabilitate more quickly. Even choosing a simple routine of exercises that are meant to strengthen and stretch will help ensure that the right nutrients are brought into the body’s tissues and spinal disks, which will help with healing as well as keeping a healthy spine.

Keep Your Back in Mind When Choosing Shoes

Walking is a beneficial way to give your spine the treatment it needs. Walking helps give the spine nutrients it needs, strengthens muscles and bones, and helps to improve flexibility. In order for walking to be beneficial for the spine, the right pair of shoes is necessary. They should be comfortable on your feet, flexible, and stable in order to keep your spine in the proper alignment.

Sit up Straight

This is something most people have heard since they were young, but in order to keep the spine healthy, it is an important thing to do. Sitting in a chair, slouching over a desk all day while working can lead to issues with the back, such as lower back pain, tense muscles, and leg pain.

Sitting puts three times as much pressure on the discs in the lower back than standing does. This is why it is important to stand and stretch every half an hour and use a chair that is ergonomically-friendly.

Heat Therapy for Relaxation

After working all day, your neck and back may get sore. You can soothe this discomfort by applying heat. This can be done by using a wrap, hot water bottle, heating pad, warm gel pack, or a hot bath or shower.

Watch What You Eat

Eating healthy is an important thing for anyone to do. Not only are there benefits for your body’s health, but it helps with spine health as well. Eating healthy foods like fruits, grains, vegetables, dairy, and meats will help keep your spine healthy. Foods that contain a great amount of calcium are extremely important for the strength of your bones, including your spine.

Choose a Mattress and Pillow that Gives Support

When we are getting the sleep we need, we will spend about one-third of our day in bed. Having a mattress and pillow that supports the body correctly giving our spine time to rest and decompress. In the morning, we will not feel the back pain and stiff neck when we have the proper mattress and pillow.

Try Massage Therapy

Massage seems to be a way to treat ourselves, but this is a treat that is worth getting. Massage therapy is a great way to treat back pain, along with other benefits, such as increasing endorphins (the natural feel good chemical), improves blood circulation, restoring the spine’s range of motion, helps those with insomnia gets some sleep.

Go to the Pool for a Swim

Going for a swim is a great form of exercise. The water will help give the spine support, while exercising. The cold water of a pool also helps with any joint inflammation. On the other hand, if the pool water is warm, it will help improve blood circulation that is beneficial in healing strains, sprains, and stiff muscles.

Kick the Smoking Habit

Quitting smoking can be extremely difficult to do, but there are many health benefits that come along with kicking the habit. It has been reported that a smoker is approximately 300 percent more likely to have lower back pain than non-smokers. Thousands of people have taken the step to quit and you can too.

Always Lift Items Correctly

Proper lifting is extremely important for the spine’s health. When lifting items incorrectly, there is a chance of straining muscles, locking spinal joints, and possibly rupturing a spinal disk. When lifting correctly, the knees should be used, the chest should be kept forward, the weight held close to the body, and use the hips instead of the shoulders to lead.

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