Avoid Headaches with Physical Therapy!

Avoid Headaches with Physical Therapy! Blog  Physical therapy Headache

Headaches are one of the most common medical conditions that can range from minor to very severe. When the pain starts, some treatments can take some time to work, leaving you to wait in agony. But, did you know that there is a way to prevent that pain before it even occurs? Through the regular and monitored use of physical therapy, you can see a marked decrease in occurrence, severity, and symptoms.

While it is common for head pain to go away on its own, some people are not as lucky and suffer from agonizing pain for hours. The type of pain experienced is dependent upon the type of headache. Treatment of the pain varies according to the type. Listed below are the common types of headache and some of their precipitating factors.


• Tension: very common; typically involves pain on both sides of the head; can arise as a result of stress

• Cluster: not as common; severe pain on one side of the head, light sensitivity, and can cause a runny nose or teary eyes

• Migraine: common; pounding feeling typically in one spot on the head; can be caused by hormone fluctuations and certain foods

• Secondary: common; this type is a result of a condition, such as fever or head/neck trauma

There are several common problems that cause head pain and it is vastly important to pinpoint the source. The most common issue is related to tension, but the tension can come from different sources.

Some of the factors that can cause tension and subsequent pain:

• Emotional stress/tension: can trigger a pain or make it much worse
• Incorrect posture: causes pressure on already fatigued muscles
• Neck and jaw disorders: worsens the pressure on the neck and face

While, to some people, physical therapy can seem like an unconventional solution, receiving specially tailored orthopedic care can get right to the cause of what may be causing your discomfort. With the help of a qualified physical therapist, here are just few of the issues that can be helped or resolved:

• Weak muscles: you could have muscles that are not in tiptop condition, so a physical therapist can formulate a treatment plan to help those muscles become stronger, which will help to alleviate tension and pain

• Neck flexibility: your neck may not be the most flexible; a physical therapist can gently maneuver your neck to allow for relaxation of the muscles, which can help to decrease the chance that you will experience that unfortunately familiar agonizing discomfort

• Posture assistance: your physical therapist can help you with your posture and it is simpler than you may think; slightly readjusting how you stand, walk, lay, and sit can be a huge help in decreasing your pain events

• Stress help: you can also receive help for problems that come about from typical happenings in the workplace; your physical therapist can show you how to relax or stretch specific muscles, keeping head pain at bay

Now that you’ve learned all about different types of head pain and what causes them, there is no need to be in pain anymore. With careful consultation, regular appointments, and personal care tailored for your needs, your physical therapist can formulate the perfect care plan to completely change how you feel and directly increase the quality of your life. Do not give discomfort and pain another chance to happen to you. Contact a physical therapist and put an end to the frequency of your headaches today!

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