Got Back Pain?
Strengthen Your Core Muscles

There is a general belief, even in medical circles, that if you have back pain or a “bad back”, you need to strengthen your core muscles to improve stability.

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Research on back pain, however, has proved that not everyone who suffers needs to strengthen their back and abdominal muscles, or to improve core stability. It shows that back pain can be caused by some “core muscles” becoming overactive. They become too tense/tight, which causes back pain.

The remedy for this is learning to relax the back and abdominal muscles.

Therefore, if you suffer from back pain that is not responding to Pilates or other exercises for core stability improvement, then you need to be checked so that an appropriate regime of treatment can be set up. One of our physiotherapists can help you get started.

Should you need more information on the research of this issue, we suggest you scroll through others related posts on our blog or contract use using the “Contact Us” form on our website.

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