Minimalist running

Minimalist running is a hot topic and we still ask if it’s good for us. It is said by top running coaches, almost all athletes that run a lot aren’t running with the proper running form and strength needed during running with minimalist shoes. A top manufacturer that makes minimalist shoes has ended a large lawsuit. Vibram, creator of minimalist shoes called five finger barefoot running shoes will return money to customers who have purchased this shoe. Vibram claimed that these shoes may lower the risk of injuries and strengthen your lower limbs. Now if you still want to give minimalist running a try please make sure have great strength, biomechanics as well as an experienced runner.

Run baby, run baby, run

While running in a minimalist style shoe, you tend to land mid foot. Mid foot striking is when the foot is lower than the hip then lands somewhere in the middle of your foot. The problem is that when you overstride, too much force is applied. Your foot and ankle muscles will need to be strong so that you can be successful at barefoot or minimalist running. We are used to getting a lot of shoe support in those areas and without that support may come problems. After your assessment, we can give you strength exercises to help. It might be a good idea to go back and forth switching between your old running shoes to the barefoot shoes and then work up slowly. Core balance and hip flexor muscle strength are necessary for effective running. This will ensure that instability and dysfunction doesn’t affect your knees, ankles & feet. We can give you the appropriate exercises to help strengthen these muscles.

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