Protecting Your Lower Back with Simple Prevention Ideas

Protecting Your Lower Back with Simple Prevention Ideas Blog  Lower back pain

Throughout the day, your back must perform many stressful functions, putting it at risk of potential injury. An injury in the lower back can lead to further physical discomfort, including pain in your hips and legs, leaving you unable to perform even basic physical tasks. Taking care of your back and protecting it from harm should always be a priority.

Exercise to Build Your Core

Strengthening your back muscles can help you avoid injury by preparing the body for physical stress. You don’t need to lift heavy weights to build your core; taking a short walk around the neighborhood or park can help you build your strength.

Boost Your Health

Improving the health of your body can help ward off back injuries. Losing weight, for example, reduces strain on your bones and muscles. To accomplish this goal, start with some small and easy changes, such as eating dessert only three days a week and adding more fruit to your diet.

Improve Your Posture

Sitting with poor posture stresses your lower back, causing discomfort and potential pain. In the office, invest in an ergonomic chair that supports the natural position of the spine. During long work sessions, take breaks frequently to stand up and readjust your posture.

Learn How to Lift Heavy Items Properly

Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can cause severe back pain. Never bend over to directly pick up a heavy item; always bend your knees first and then reach for the object. With this method, your legs do most of the lifting without stressing your back.

Stretch Your Legs

The muscles in your legs can impact your back. Frequently stretching your legs through simple exercises is a good way to keep your legs loose. You can even stretch your legs while you’re sitting in your office; place one leg in front of you and push your leg without leaning forward. Doing this stretch throughout the day can help you avoid back strain.

Exercise Within Your Limits

Exercise is always good for the body, but poor form and straining too much can stress your back. It’s important to understand the potential risks of your favorite form of exercise and how to avoid injury. For example, playing golf without properly stretching can strain your back. Running a marathon without good shoes can cause lower back issues.

Travel with Care

Sitting for long periods of time while traveling can cause back pain, especially if you’re forced to sit in an uncomfortable chair. Bringing your own pillow to support your back is a good idea. You should also try to get up frequently and walk around to ease strain. Avoid taking too much luggage in order to reduce back stress each time you have to move your luggage.

Lower back pain can take you away from your favorite daily activities. Prevention through good posture and proper exercise are just some of the ways you can help avoid straining your back.

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