Get Your Musculoskeletal System Treated By A Physiatrist!

Get Your Musculoskeletal System Treated By A Physiatrist! Uncategorized

Did you know that not only a sports doctor or an orthopedist is not the only one that can treat problems involving your musculoskeletal system? When we have injured our joints, muscles or even bones, then we primarily prefer consulting either a sports doctor or an orthopedist. However, were you aware that a physiatrist is […]

Congratulations to Our 2017 Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to Our 2017 Scholarship Winners! Uncategorized

NYDNRehab is pleased to announce our 2017 scholarship winners, Greg Stavinski and Daniel Kuchter. Congratulations! Scholarship applicants were required to demonstrate a strong interest in biomedical related research, and an understanding of biomechanics and movement science as applies to rehabilitation. They were also required to articulate their perspectives on technology’s role in the future of […]

Physical Therapy Myths

Physical Therapy Myths Uncategorized

Physical therapy is a critical tool in the modern healthcare arsenal, and it is often the first step to providing effective mobility treatment options that usually do not involve drugs or surgery. Here are seven of the most common myths and corresponding facts about physical therapy.

Hamstring Injuries

When it’s time for the winter games to start or winter time sports as they are often called many people start to prepare for training. Over 65% injuries of the hamstring among American football participants were while participating in high speed activities where there’s frequent amounts of throwing up the leg, sliding, twisting, turning, throwing, […]

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