Take steps to avoid injury and maximize your potential. To achieve your peak performance, you want to make sure you are proactively learning how to avoid pushing your body to the point of breaking down before seeking help.


When a runner is faced with an injury, it can be devastating. Usually, complete rest from running activities is advised by physical therapists. However, a complete rest from running is not always a good idea for quick runners rehab.

Running Analysis

Running analysis can help to identify biomechanical faults, identify the running style mistakes, pinpoint problems with your running form and demystify wrong beliefs about running.

Running Form Analysis

Having a running form analysis will help show you how you are currently running and will allow us to show you how to run with the correct posture and the correct posture for everyday living.

Biomechanical analysis

Every individual is unique with different biomechanics and neural control. Changing your running form involves much more than just changing your form.

Regenerative Therapy

Effective regenerative treatment for runners for chronic overuse is one of the key directions in modern medicine science.

Marathon Prep

We are experts when it comes to running and training for the sport of running. Most runners know how far they have run for their marathon and some may even know how fast they have run.

Marathon Recovery

It is extremely important to have proper post marathon recovery and this is a very critical factor that many runners neglect. It can be very dangerous to immediately return back to training or running in another race.

Alter-G AntiGravity Treadmill

Get back running or into the game faster than ever before by allowing you to train harder, sooner. This state-of-the-art equipment that provides accurate, safe, and comfortable partial weight-bearing support while promoting normal gait patterns.

Barefoot Running & Shoe Fit

We can help runners analyze both walking and running gait patterns by focusing on the proper footwear, orthotics and the various types of running shoes available. Supportive footwear can cause weakness and fragile feet and ankles.

Redcord Neurac Therapy:
Suspension Training Meets Physical Therapy for Rehab, Fitness and Performance
Your body is a masterpiece of form and function, designed to move in fluid and coordinated patterns governed by your nervous system. But oftentimes, overuse, underuse or abuse of your muscular system can result in pain, injury, uncoordinated movement and poor performance. Thankfully, through proper training and rehabilitation, your miraculous body is able to heal and recoup its natural functional capacity.


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