HPST is developed by Dutch biomedical engineer and a physiotherapist Maarten Prince PT, PHD in collaboration with the Dutch Royal Soccer academy.HSPT has gone rigorous validation process in research scientific community and won several awards.

HPST is perturbation based test utilizing CAREN (computer assisted rehabilitation environment) 6 DOF (six degrees of freedom) instrumented platform, motion capture and force plates . HSPT is using COP (Center of Pressure) velocity and time to stability parameters to measure limb stability. This test is used in to zoom in on stability of the knee, and ankle beyond the capabilities of gait analysis technology in the orthopedic and sports medicine disorders such as ACL and meniscus tear, ankle instability, running disorders and other sports related trauma.

At NYDNRehab we use HSPT as a free standing or in conjunction with gait or running analysis.

Since HSPT is conducted in a matter of minutes we use it to not only for diagnostic purposes but also to establish a base line for monitoring rehabilitation progress.

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July 20, 2018

High Performance Stability Test

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