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Lev Kalika Clinical director & DC RMSK


Doctor of Chiropractic from National College of Chiropractic Chicago, Ill BS – Brooklyn College, New York, NY

Advanced Training:
  • 1997-1998 – Fellowship in Manual Medicine in Motol Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic under prof. Karel Lewit M.D
  • Numerous courses in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation in Charles University Hospital,
    Prague, Czech Republic – prof. Vladimir Janda M.D).
  • RMSK – registered musculoskeletal sonographer.
  • Numerous postgraduate courses as well as personal experience with prof. Pavel Kolar in sports medicine, rehabilitation of adult and pediatric spinal disorders.
  • Vojta therapy certified from 2002-2003.
  • Personal experience with prof. Kinzersky A.Y (ultrasonography and radiology of musculoskeletal system) – 2009.
  • Personal experience with Chris Powers PT PHD.
  • Certified musculoskeletal biomechanist by MPI(movement performance institute).
  • Personal experience with Vovchenko A.Y
  • Personal experience with Diane Lee and L.J Lee ( movement disorders of the pelvis and the rib cage) – 2012.
  • Personal experience with Bubnov R.V (regional ultrasonography and dry needling under ultrasound) – 2015.
  • Personal experience and full completion of all of prof. Carlo Martinoli’s MD PHD postgraduate ultrasonography courses.
  • Personal experience with Carles Pedret MD PHD (Barcelona,Spain): ultrasonography and treatment of muscle and tendon trauma in elite athletes combining : ultrasonography,MRI,GPS systems and loading paradigms.
  • Personal experience with Bernard Bricot MD ,Orthopedics, (Paris, France) as well as certification in Postural Recalibration.
  • Mariano Rocabado PT , PHD ( Santiago , Chili) : treatment and assessment of cranio-mandibular pain), certified 2017.
  • Numerous other postgraduate courses in the field of orthopedic and spinal disorders.
  • Numerous other postgraduate courses in the field of spinal disorders.
Areas of special professional interest and training:

Diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasonography, ultrasonography of nerve compression disorders, application of diagnostic ultrasonography in rehabilitation medicine,dry needling under ultrasound, ESWT(extracorporeal shockwave) , gait analysis for runners and people with orthopedic disorders of lower extremities and lower back pain,motor development in children, byopsychosocial origin of back pain, sports medicine, postural therapy, manual medicine (chiropractic and osteopathy), rehabilitation of tendon and muscle injuries,personalized and preventive medicine, movement performance, weight bearing imbalance and post surgical rehabilitation, motion analysis, virtual reality and robotic rehabilitation, rehabilitation of concussion disorders and treatment of vestibular-balance disorders.

Dr. Mikhail Bernshteyn MD (Internist)

Dr. Mikhail Bernshteyn MD (Internist)


Wykoff Heights Medical Center (Residency)
Wykoff Heights Medical Center (Internship)

Professional Statement:

Dr. Mikhail Bernshteyn is a Primary Care Doctor with a Medical Degree from Medical State academy. Dr. Bernsteyn completed a Residency and Internship at Wykoff Heights Medical Center. Dr. Bernshteyn is fluent in English and Spanish.

Michael Goynatsky

Dr. Michael Goynatsky, DPT

Dr. Goynatski is a dedicated Physical Therapist with eight years of experience in various NYC orthopedic outpatient clinics, As an undergraduate, he played Division I Collegiate Soccer at St. Francis College. He subsequently attended the University of South Florida, where he received his doctorate in physical therapy. Dr. Goynatsky trained as a fellow in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy at the Spinal Manipulation Institute, under the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy Fellowship Program.

Dr. Goynatsky treats patients with a variety of orthopedic musculoskeletal conditions. He specializes in sports and work-related overuse injuries and other chronic conditions. Dr. Goynatsky is dedicated to improving his patients’ quality of life by providing the best quality care, while establishing trusted long-term relationships.

Daniela Escudero

Dr. Daniela Escudero, DPT

Dr. Daniela Escudero received her Bachelor of Science from Skidmore College and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Dominican College in Rockland County. Daniela’s interest in orthopedics started at Skidmore College while studying kinesiology.

This interest has evolved throughout the years where she now performs biomechanical and functional movement assessments to determine the true source of an individual’s symptoms. She uses manual therapy and targeted exercises to retrain the areas that are eliciting symptoms, in order to get individuals back to their true potential. She is pursuing her Certified Manual Physical Therapist certification from NAIMOPT to continue learning her craft.

Additionally, Daniela has discovered a deep interest in studying Pelvic Floor Health and is pursuing further training with the Herman and Wallace Institute. She hopes to combine orthopedics and Pelvic Floor Therapy to help individuals regain their life. She also continues to pursue her love of learning as a Teaching Assistant in the DPT program at Dominican College for courses focused on Spine Assessment, and Neurological treatment.

HyunJu YOO

Dr. HyunJu YOO, PT, MPT, DPT, CPI (Licensed Physical Therapist)

HyunJu started working as physical therapist with associate degree of physical therapy from An-san University in South Korea in 2007 and received Bachelor of physical therapy in 2011, graduated from Sahmyook University in 2014 with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. She worked in Samsung Electronics Company and Samsung Hospital as physical therapist dealing with employees of the company applying ergonomic concepts. She has working in outpatient orthopedics treating all types of injuries including joint replacements, sports and work injuries, as well as acute and chronic pain. Those experience encouraged her to board filed becoming NYS physical therapist. She obtained NYPT license in 2015 then, attended Dominical College and received Doctorate of physical therapy in 2017.

HyunJu is a dedicated evidence-based practitioner and continues to supplement her education through research and continuing education courses including:

  • Certified Pilates Instructor from BASI Pilates, USA, 2019 (500 Hours practice)
  • Basic Course of PNF (Korean Association), 20 Hours
  • Manual Therapy (Sacroiliac Joint and Lumbar), 32 Hours
  • Active Core (The Red-Cord Education Program)
  • Certified Muscle and Energy Monitoring Physical Therapy; Including MET, MPS, Chiropractic basic, AK. 320 Hours
  • Seminar of Sport injury’s character and treatment method.
  • Medical Exercise Therapy Education (M.E.T) Level 1, 16 Hours
  • Orthopedic Manual physical therapy Seminar.
  • Certified Leisure Sport instructors (Body Builder)
  • MPS (Upper body), 120 Hours
  • Certified Teaching as Practical Therapeutic Teacher
  • TOGU Exercise Therapy
  • Certified Balance Taping (Kinesio)

HyunJu is also studied Counseling Psychology with bachelor degree from Seoul Digital University to deeply understand patients perspective. Her goal is to provide customized PT services to workers and sport athletes with individual posture and exercise program from core stability to dynamic stability.

Dr. Christina Pekar, DC

Dr. Christina Pekar, DC

Dr. Pekar is a graduate of National University of Health Sciences Chiropractic College. Her expertise working with conditions of the pelvic floor and lower kinetic chain from the perspective of gender differences in biomechanics and motor control make Christina a welcome addition to our team. Dr. Pekar enjoys being physically active and works out on a regular basis. Christina is an avid dog lover.

r. Michelle Agyakwah

Dr. Michelle Agyakwah, DC

Dr. Michelle Agyakwah graduated from University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic. She has a Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Agyakwah employs various soft tissue techniques with patients, such as cross friction massage, post isometric relaxation, myofascial release and more. Dr. Michelle also offers rehabilitation exercises and various mobilization techniques such as Red Cord, DNS and therapeutic Pilates.

We will work with you to tailor a program specific to your needs

In this instance, an athlete was originally diagnosed with minor quadriceps muscle strain and was treated for four weeks, with unsatisfactory results. When he came to our clinic, the muscle was not healing, and the patients’ muscle tissue had already begun to atrophy.

Upon examination using MSUS, we discovered that he had a full muscle thickness tear that had been overlooked by his previous provider. To mitigate damage and promote healing, surgery should have been performed immediately after the injury occurred. Because of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment, the patient now has permanent damage that cannot be corrected.

The most important advantage of Ultrasound over MRI imaging is its ability to zero in on the symptomatic region and obtain imaging, with active participation and feedback from the patient. Using dynamic MSUS, we can see what happens when patients contract their muscles, something that cannot be done with MRI. From a diagnostic perspective, this interaction is invaluable.

Dynamic ultrasonography examination demonstrating
the full thickness tear and already occurring muscle atrophy
due to misdiagnosis and not referring the patient
to proper diagnostic workup

Demonstration of how very small muscle defect is made and revealed
to be a complete tear with muscle contraction
under diagnostic sonography (not possible with MRI)


Complete tear of rectus femoris
with large hematoma (blood)


Separation of muscle ends due to tear elicited
on dynamic sonography examination

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