Finding a chiropractor in NYC that understands and treats each patient as an individual is key for getting better. Keeping up to date on the newest technology is a crucial quality for every professional, especially in chiropractic practices.


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It is extremely important to find a chiropractor in NYC that is understanding and treats each patient as an individual that has different needs from another. You’ll need someone who is always up to date and current on the newest technology, chiropractic practices and chiropractic approaches. Dr. Kalika is just that chiropractor. We are the first to own a private CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) System in US, the only private clinic with full gait, motion and running analysis in NYC, and the first doctor in NYC performing revolutionary DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization ) method, with over 10 years of experience.

What is Chiropractic exactly?

Chiropractic (from the Greek language – a hand brush, and praxis – action) – one of the most ancient methods of treating various diseases, that is with the help of manual therapy (hand effects), includes work with the spine, joints and internal organs.

Although chiropractic is generally an alternative medicine, it is gaining increasing acceptance, in part, thanks to recent clinical studies showing that these methods are effective in treating diseases such as acute back pain and headache.

Only an attentive examination of the doctor, clarification of complaints, their origin, allows one to suggest one or another pathology and prescribe a purposeful examination. During the communication with the patient, the psychological background, which allows to differentiate the true complaints from the emotionally evoked ones, is often understandable.

This methodology itself was founded on the plain work of fingers, it should not be traumatic in nature and refers to the so-called“short lever method”. Manual therapy is a long lever method (for reference). Fingers can not break bones or injure ligaments or muscle tissues. Chiropractic is actually characterised as a massage technique backed by physiological action and movement without avid jerking movements or blows. The spinal cord cannot be damaged. Chiropractors see and cope with their sole fingers.

What is osteopathy and chiropractic? This is the direction of alternative medicine. Osteopaths and chiropractors carry out manipulations, which should help in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The main idea of osteopathy is that the vast majority of diseases are caused by weakness, excessive tension or stiffness of muscles and joints. If this is corrected with the help of some manipulations (usually without special use of force), a person can get rid of the disease on his own, without drugs and surgeries.

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