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Precision in movement is essential during the convalescence and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. The goal of rehab is to optimize skills performance while diminishing wear and tear on joints and tendons. In the past it was difficult to measure the efficiency of motion during complex movement patterns for each individual patient. Today, technology is changing the way we assess and train our patients by providing quantifiable metrics and real-time feedback to map our patients’ progress.

Proteus Motion System Revolutionizes Resistance Training

Proteus features patented 3D multi-planar resistance, for consistent resistance through the entire range of motion. Users are prompted by external cueing to perform movement in ways that distribute loads evenly throughout the body, so that the user can “feel” the movement, almost like moving through water. Proteus motion enhances force production and motor sequencing, for optimal skills execution.

Proteus uses consistent low-impact resistance to help athletes develop and analyze strength and power, for more productive training sessions. Quantitative analysis of strength helps coaches make informed training decisions that lead to optimal performance. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to training, Proteus facilitates individualized programming for each athlete.


Advantages of Proteus Motion System


Proteus takes training to a new level, offering multiple advantages over traditional resistance training:

  • Stimulates the neuromuscular system by up to 3x over cables and free weights, promoting power enhancement and optimal motor patterns.
  • Low-impact resistance protects joints and connective tissues in ways similar to aquatic resistance. Think of Proteus training as changing a fluid’s viscosity to alter its resistance.
  • Engage your entire body to produce optimal movement patterns. 3D resistance prompts users to engage core muscles and produce movement from the ground up.
  • Proteus provides automatic feedback for six important metrics, including force, power, endurance, range of motion, deceleration and consistency throughout the entire movement pattern, helping users make rapid performance gains.
  • Sophisticated 3D movement mapping and analytics provide coaches, athletes and practitioners with groundbreaking tools for analysis, progress tracking and precision execution, yielding metrics that translate directly to sport.

Unleash Your Fiercest Inner Athlete with Proteus

Precision in movement is key to peak performance in any sport, optimizing skills performance while diminishing wear and tear on the athlete’s body. In the past it was difficult to measure the efficiency of motion for each individual athlete. But today’s technologies are changing the way we assess and train athletes, providing quantifiable metrics and real time feedback to map the athlete’s progress.

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