Sports Physical Therapy

We provide our athletic patients with the most comprehensive and integrative treatment, including therapy for sporting injuries and sports injury rehabilitation. Sports physical therapy is a form of rehabilitation that is geared towards athletes and active people helping them return to their sport. This type of therapy is also meant to prevent future injuries in athletes as well. When patients come to Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation for sports physical therapy, they usually have experienced pain and discomfort or lack of mobility due to an orthopedic or muscular injury. While such injuries generally involve sports, they can occur during random activities as well.

The goal of physical therapy sessions include:

  • Precise clinical evaluation of an injury
  • Sports specific technological testing
  • Creation of a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to the individual and his sport
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Prevention of future injuries
  • Enhancement of performance for individuals who lead active lives

Sports Therapy is a physical hands on treatment for athletes or active people with pain or injury due to activity. These pains and injuries are all over the body and could be caused by a variety of reasons with varying degrees of severity. Therapy is a non-invasive form of treatment used to help an athlete return to sport. Sports physical therapy is performed by a physical therapist who is experienced with sports injuries and pains that occur in all kinds of athletes.

Sports therapy and rehabilitation is a viable alternative for many individuals, offering them another path besides medication and surgery. In some instances, therapy and rehabilitation is required in addition to surgery. The main goal is to assist patients in returning to normal life with the highest degree of functioning that is possible.

In many cases, we can design activities and provide advice to patients before an injury has occurred, assisting them in avoiding injuries in the first place. However, most patients come to New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation after an injury has occurred. Through carefully controlled movements, a

heightened awareness of how their activities impact their bodies, and the use of proper equipment, patients can avoid similar injuries in the future, allowing them to become active once more.

There are several different types of treatment used for rehabilitation of a sports injury. They type of treatment is specific to the patient and the injury. Some methods used here are Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Movement Impairment System (MIS), Gait and running Analysis and Gait training, Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill, and Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment Treatment (CAREN) treatment just to name a few. All of these methods are recognized sports injury rehabilitation approaches which are backed by science and many world famous orthopedists.

Our methods are a combination of clinical evaluation of movement using scientifically proven methods along with advanced motion analysis technology. The combination of the expertise of our staff with the advanced technology creates a one of a kind treatment found nowhere else.

Dr. Kalika’s experience comes from working with Prof. Pavel Kolar the renowned Czech School of Rehabilitation as well as Prof. Christopher Powers who is one of the worlds leader in treatment and prevention of running and jumping injuries. Another unique approach that Dr.Kalika is certified in is ISM (integrated system model) therapy.This approach is now used by most elite EPL soccer teams (Manchester city and Chelsea) to keep their players away from injuries as well as for in season rehabilitation. Dr. Kalika has knowledge not only in several different types of therapy he also has expertise with diagnostic ultrasound, gait and running analysis, orthopedics, and sports medicine. The combination of all these different experiences helps him correctly diagnose and rehabilitate athletes better than most clinics in NYC.

For muscle/tendon overuse syndromes we use effective methods like Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT).

At our NYC physical therapy location we specialize in many unique ortho-sports and manual approaches:

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)
  • Shirley Saharmann’s Movement Impairment System
  • Sensory Motor Training
  • ISM (Integrated System Model) approach by Diane Lee and L.J Lee
  • Manual Therapy Approach by Karel Lewits
  • Gait and Running Analysis and Gait Training
  • Biofeedback Training under SEMG (surface electromyography)
  • Variety of different soft tissue techniques
  • Virtual Reality therapy
  • CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) treatment

At Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation we make sure that every PT is trained in at least two different therapy methods. Once the patient is diagnosed the treatment plan is created specifically for that patient and their injury. We feel this individualized approach is the best way to insure the patient will get better permanently.

Most importantly, our goal is to put you on the road of recovery and enjoy pain free living.


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