Sports Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy provides treatment to athletes and physically active people who want to return to their sport or activity with restored function and improved overall performance. Our patients with sports injuries are treated with the latest research-based approaches to athletic rehabilitation. Proper rehabilitation not only ensures better performance, but provides a safeguard against future injuries.

Pain, discomfort and reduced mobility are common after an athletic injury. At NYDNRehab, we offer a range of services, including:

  • Precise clinical evaluation and diagnosis
  • Sport-specific testing using the latest technology
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention
  • Perfomance enhancement

Sports physical therapy is a hands-on treatment approach geared to athletes and physically active people suffering from pain or injury. Physical therapy is a non-invasive form of treatment with the end goal of returning the patient to their sport or activity with enhanced performance and reduced risk of re-injury, without medications or surgery.

Sometimes, sports medicine physical therapy follows surgery, helping the athlete to regain confidence and restore functional mobility. A sports physical therapist can monitor a patient’s progress using advanced technology, to ensure the athlete is sufficiently rehabilitated to safely return to play.

Injured athletes often suffer from compensation imbalances and loss of confidence in the injured limb. We use virtual reality feedback training to build strength, agility and confidence, to reduce the risk of injury upon return to play. Our rehabilitation exercises are progressive, designed to offer greater challenges as the injury heals and the athlete grows stronger.

Sports physical therapy can provide injury prevention as well as rehab. An uninjured athlete can benefit from gait or mechanical analysis, and improve their overall performance through feedback and retraining. Recreational runners can benefit from our running gait clinic, to learn to run smarter and prevent common injuries.

Dr. Lev Kalika is one of the most renowned sports medicine doctors in NYC. He has trained under some of the world’s most eminent names in sports medicine, including Dr. Pavel Kolar of the Czech School of Rehabilitation, and Dr. Christopher Powers, an expert in treatment and prevention of running and jumping injuries. Dr. Kalika is certified in a variety of therapeutic techniques, and has extensive training in diagnostic ultrasonography.

All therapists at NYDNRehab are trained and certified in two or more specialized therapeutic methods. Together, we combine years of experience and expertise to help our athletes and physically active patients restore optimal function and reach new levels of performance, while reducing their risk of injury. For the best sports physical therapy in New York, choose NYDNRehab

At NYDNR, our individualized approach to sports medicine physical therapy means that every athlete is treated uniquely, according to their specific needs. Some of our treatment methods and technologies include:

  • DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization)
  • MID (movement impairment system)
  • Walking and running gait analysis and retrainng
  • AlterG antigravity treadmill
  • CAREN (computer assisted rehabilitation environment)
  • EMG 3D force plate biomechanical analysis
  • ESWT (extracorporeal shock wave therapy)

Our methods are backed by research and encompass some of the most innovative methods and technologies available for the treatment of sports injuries. The expertise of our staff, combined with our featured technologies, provide a one-of-a-kind rehabilitation experience not found at other clinics.

Sports physical therapy in NYC

At Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation we make sure that every PT is trained in at least two different therapy methods. Once the patient is diagnosed the treatment plan is created specifically for that patient and their injury. We feel this individualized approach is the best way to insure the patient will get better permanently.

Most importantly, our goal is to put you on the road of recovery and enjoy pain free living.


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