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The foundation of human posture is developed during the first year of life, as an infant gradually learns to defy gravity and begins to stand and walk. Optimal posture distributes your body mass in ways that minimize structural wear and tear and require the least amount of energy to defy gravity when sitting, standing or moving.

Over time, bad habits, repetitive movements and injuries can throw your spine and joints out of alignment, increasing wear and tear and causing motor deficits that lead to pain and dysfunction. Posture restoration retrains your body to automatically assume optimal alignment, for efficient pain-free movement and a more youthful appearance.

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Dr. Lev Kalika
Dr. Lev Kalika

Clinical director & DC RMSK

About Posture Specialist Dr. Lev Kalika

Dr. Kalika is an expert in human movement science and chiropractic care. He has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction by introducing high resolution diagnostic ultrasonography for structural diagnosis, combined with gait and motion analysis technology to visualize and objectify the functional movement of the human body.

As part of his training, Dr. Kalika studied under and trained with the world-famous founder of the science of muscle imbalance, Dr. Vladimir Janda. He also studied under and was certified by Dr. Bernard Bricot, a French orthopedic surgeon who developed the field of posturology, for postural restoration. Dr. Bricot has written numerous scientific papers on the subject of human posture, and is author of the breakthrough book, “Total Postural Reprogramming.” The privilege of learning directly from some of the greatest minds in the field of musculoskeletal rehabilitation has equipped Dr. Kalika with a deep understanding of human movement disorders, and a unique skill set for resolving them.

The motion and gait analysis lab at NYDNRehab is the only private lab in the US to feature research-grade technology, normally found only at top research universities, and made available to patients in our private clinic. We believe that what cannot be accurately measured cannot be successfully treated.

Dr.Kalika’s expertise in human movement and rehabilitation is sought by professional athletes, runners and dancers across the United States.

What Makes Postural Restoration at NYDNRehab Better than Conventional Postural Correction Therapy?

When assessing posture, many practitioners use antiquated tools and human visual analysis that fail to provide precise metrics for postural alignment. Faulty assessment is often followed up with cookie-cutter exercises that fail to address the underlying causes of poor posture.

At NYDNRehab, we believe that what cannot be accurately measured cannot be successfully treated. We use advanced technological tools to assess joint angles, weight distribution, spinal alignment and gait deficits, to get a clear and comprehensive picture of your overall static and dynamic posture. We then analyze your collected data and use the results to design a personalized posture restoration program based on your unique profile.

What Makes Postural Restoration

Symptoms, Causes and Risk Factors of Poor Posture


  • Pain and weakness on one side of the body

  • Fatigue during and after physical activity

  • Unilateral joint pain

  • Balance issues

  • Chronic back and neck pain

  • Chronic knee pain


  • Excessive sitting

  • Being out of shape

  • Bad habits when sitting and standing

  • Old injuries that were never rehabilitated

  • Unequal load distribution during sports or occupation

  • Faulty gait mechanics

Risk Factors

  • Sports or professions that use the left and right sides of the body unequally

  • Extensive use of computers and electronic devices

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Weak muscles

  • Poor flexibility and limited joint range of motion

  • High heeled shoes and unsupportive footwear

Accurate Postural Analysis Means Successful Treatment

The structures of your body are interdependent, and deficits in one area can impact the alignment of your entire kinetic chain. Beginning from the soles of your feet upward, good posture relies on optimal alignment of every joint.

At NYDNRehab, we use advanced technology to scan and assess your postural alignment from head to toe.

 Accurate Postural Analysis Means Successful Treatment
Our diagnostic tools include:

Our diagnostic tools include:

  • Highest resolution diagnostic ultrasonography to visualize the muscles, connective tissues, nerves, bones and joints in real time, to detect structural issues that impact posture.

  • 3D postural analysis technology to look for dynamic deficits in the gait cycle that affect posture.

  • C.A.R.E.N computer assisted rehabilitation environment to identify balance issues related to posture and weight distribution.

  • Advanced testing for unilateral strength and range of motion.

  • SEMG (surface electromyography) to identify poorly coordinated muscle activation patterns.

Once we have a comprehensive profile of your postural deficits and their causes, we are able to move forward with one-on-one corrective training that addresses your unique needs.

We Use Innovative Treatment Approaches for Optimal Results

The key to restoring good posture is identifying the key factors that contribute to misalignment. At NYDNRehab, we combine the latest technological tools with the most advantageous therapies to restore the pathways of your neuromuscular system so that your posture always reverts to optimal alignment

  • Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS)
  • Anatomy in motion (AIM)
  • Force plate technology and re weighing platform
  • C.A.R.E.N for alignment and balance analysis and feedback retraining
  • Corrective and rehabilitative physical therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasonography for muscle activation retraining
We Use Innovative Treatment Approaches for Optimal Results
Preventing Poor Posture Image

Preventing Poor Posture

Poor posture is fundamentally a degeneration of your musculoskeletal alignment that worsens over time. The best way to prevent poor posture is to exercise regularly.

A well-designed resistance training program that balances muscle tension throughout your body is highly effective for achieving and maintaining optimal postural alignment. Yoga is also effective for optimizing alignment and keeping your muscles and connective tissues balanced, strong and supple.

Practicing mindfulness about your posture while sitting, standing and moving, and correcting your posture periodically throughout the day can help. If your occupation requires you to sit for long hours in front of a computer, take frequent breaks to get up, move around and stretch.

Regular chiropractic care can help release tight structures, relieve pain, and correct spinal alignment to promote healthy posture.

Preventing Poor Posture Image 2

Get Personalized Posture Physical Therapy Designed Just for You

At NYDNRehab, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to corrective therapy. We see each patient as a unique individual, and design personalized treatment plans based on your complete diagnostic profile. We work one-on-one with our patients to ensure you receive the highest quality care, and get the best possible results.

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Get Pain-Free Postural Restoration Therapy that Really Works!

Very few adults have perfect posture, and many suffer from pain and dysfunction that can be eliminated with postural correction therapy.

Corrective posture physical therapy can profoundly impact the way you look and feel.

  • Eliminate chronic pain and fatigue

  • Have more energy

  • Improve your balance

  • Restore fluid movement

  • Look and feel younger

  • Boost self confidence

Contact NYDNRehab today and schedule your comprehensive posture and movement analysis. Look, feel and move better with corrective posture physical therapy. Our human movement specialists are the best in NYC!

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    Dr. Lev Kalika
    Dr. Lev Kalika

    Clinical director & DC RMSK

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    In this instance, an athlete was originally diagnosed with minor quadriceps muscle strain and was treated for four weeks, with unsatisfactory results. When he came to our clinic, the muscle was not healing, and the patients’ muscle tissue had already begun to atrophy.

    Upon examination using MSUS, we discovered that he had a full muscle thickness tear that had been overlooked by his previous provider. To mitigate damage and promote healing, surgery should have been performed immediately after the injury occurred. Because of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment, the patient now has permanent damage that cannot be corrected.

    The most important advantage of Ultrasound over MRI imaging is its ability to zero in on the symptomatic region and obtain imaging, with active participation and feedback from the patient. Using dynamic MSUS, we can see what happens when patients contract their muscles, something that cannot be done with MRI. From a diagnostic perspective, this interaction is invaluable.

    Dynamic ultrasonography examination demonstrating
    the full thickness tear and already occurring muscle atrophy
    due to misdiagnosis and not referring the patient
    to proper diagnostic workup

    Demonstration of how very small muscle defect is made and revealed
    to be a complete tear with muscle contraction
    under diagnostic sonography (not possible with MRI)


    Complete tear of rectus femoris
    with large hematoma (blood)


    Separation of muscle ends due to tear elicited
    on dynamic sonography examination

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