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Sometimes visiting our clinic in person is simply not an option, but your pain and disfunction should not have to be put on hold. While an in-person visit is mandatory for your diagnosis, you can receive virtual treatment at any time, anywhere.

Telehealth therapy gives you online access to virtual therapy from the comfort and convenience of your home, workplace or hotel room. Our goal is to prevent you from regressing, and to keep you moving toward restoring pain-free function.

Best Quality Support and Care at Your Fingertips

We genuinely care about our patients and their health. To help you stay connected and on-track with your therapy, we offer virtual therapy sessions with your clinician. Whether you are recovering from a recent injury, are working to overcome chronic pain, or need to restore function after pregnancy or surgery, you cannot wait for weeks to deal with your mobility issues. Once your in-person clinical diagnosis is complete, we can arrange virtual therapy for part or all of your treatment.

The team at NYDNRehab is here for you. We want you to continue your progress and maintain momentum toward recovery. Virtual care keeps you on the path to restored function in the following ways:

Staying focused and motivated

A big part of recovery is keeping your head in the game. Your body heals faster and more effectively when you zero in on its needs and react to its messages.

Learning at-home strategies

Many people do well under supervision in a clinical setting but struggle to do their “homework.” Virtual care gets your moving at home, a healthy habit that will be easier to maintain once you get back to in-person visits.

Preventing regression

Being cooped up at home can dramatically reduce your overall activity level, and it doesn’t take long to lose the gains you achieved with treatment. Virtual care keeps you from regressing, so you can pick up where you left off when you meet with your clinician in person.

How Does TeleHealth Work?

During difficult times, technology comes to the rescue for rehab patients. Innovations like video conferencing, chat and text, educational portals and more can keep you in touch with your clinician and keep you moving.

At NYDNRehab, we offer virtual visits via VSee Clinic, a safe and encrypted interactive portal that protects your privacy.

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How Does TeleHealth Work?

Which Conditions Can be Managed via Virtual Care?

Virtual care can cover everything from verbal consultations to rehab exercises. Enjoy one-on-one instruction for home exercises and therapy. Continue your progress with post-surgical rehab for knees, hips and shoulders. Work toward your therapeutic goals for back pain, balance, sports injuries and postpartum recovery. No need to miss sessions if work travel takes you away from home — TeleHealth provides the perfect solution!


Contact your clinician to see how virtual therapy can work for you


How to Schedule a TeleHealth Visit at NYDNRehab

Our chiropractic, physical therapy, reception and billing staff are all available to answer your questions and schedule your virtual therapy session. Contact us by phone, chat or email. and get back on track to restoring pain-free function.

Professional associations and memberships

Dr. Kalika is currently a certified member of:


American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine


Active member of ISMST

International Society of Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy


Active member of GCMAS

Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society


Active member of NASS

North American Spine Society


Active member of IADMS

International Association of Dance Medicine and Science


Active member of Virtual Rehabilitation Society


Active member of ASRA

American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine


American Academy

Association of Orthopedic Medicine


Active member of Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation

Lev Kalika Clinical Director and DC, RMSK

Dr.Kalika revolutionized foot and ankle care by using high resolution diagnostic ultrasonography for structural diagnosis, combined with with gait and motion analysis technology. Dr.Kalika’s motion and gait analysis lab is the only private lab in the US that features research-grade technology found only at top research universities, made available to patients in his private clinic.

Our Specialists

Dr. Mikhail Bernshteyn MD (Internist)
Dr. Michael Goynatsky DPT
Dr. Daniela Escudero DPT
Dr. Michelle Agyakwah DC
Dr. Tatyana Kapustina L. Ac.

In this instance, an athlete was originally diagnosed with minor quadriceps muscle strain and was treated for four weeks, with unsatisfactory results. When he came to our clinic, the muscle was not healing, and the patients’ muscle tissue had already begun to atrophy.

Upon examination using MSUS, we discovered that he had a full muscle thickness tear that had been overlooked by his previous provider. To mitigate damage and promote healing, surgery should have been performed immediately after the injury occurred. Because of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment, the patient now has permanent damage that cannot be corrected.

The most important advantage of Ultrasound over MRI imaging is its ability to zero in on the symptomatic region and obtain imaging, with active participation and feedback from the patient. Using dynamic MSUS, we can see what happens when patients contract their muscles, something that cannot be done with MRI. From a diagnostic perspective, this interaction is invaluable.

Dynamic ultrasonography examination demonstrating
the full thickness tear and already occurring muscle atrophy
due to misdiagnosis and not referring the patient
to proper diagnostic workup

Demonstration of how very small muscle defect is made and revealed
to be a complete tear with muscle contraction
under diagnostic sonography (not possible with MRI)


Complete tear of rectus femoris
with large hematoma (blood)


Separation of muscle ends due to tear elicited
on dynamic sonography examination

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