Acupuncture to Treat Running Injuries

Acupuncture to Treat Running Injuries Blog  Running Injuries Acupuncture

Running is a great workout, and of course, it can bring with it the joyful “runner’s high” that so many athletes prize. The problem is that many runners also must deal with a host of injuries, from sore muscles, the common “runner’s knee” and an assortment of hip and ankle injuries.

What’s a runner to do? An injury can put a stop to training, but serious runners who have a marathon coming up don’t want to be stopped in their tracks by injuries. That’s why Traditional Chinese Medicine is become very popular with runners who want to heal, not just take handfuls of Ibuprofen.

Acupuncture For Running Injuries

Acupuncture uses needles at specific points that are experiencing pain to stimulate an “opposite” area in the body. This technique can help to ease pain, (from running or other athletic workouts) and it happens in a holistic way (with no side effects.) For example, an opposite might involve stimulating the left elbow with needles to deal with pain in the right knee. The approach is philosophically different than how western medicine works, but it is highly effective.

Acupuncture for running injuries works by balancing the energy of the entire body. “Tung” style acupuncture uses an imaging of the entire body that works with the limbs, the ears and the scalp. This process also uses acupuncture on the back and the chest for certain conditions.

Acupuncture offers benefits that are are well known, and the treatment is becoming more popular. What’s important is that anyone seeking treatment find an experienced and skilled acupuncturist.

The Benefits of Acupuncture for Runners

Acupuncture is a highly beneficial style of treatment for runners, as it works by balancing the body’s natural energy. This can help aid in sleep and help the athlete to repair their muscles while in training. The beauty of acupuncture is that it can help top level athletes who are training for marathons, and also help casual runners who are doing their first 5k run. With regular treatments runners can recover from injury and keep themselves in top shape.

Many acupuncture practitioners also work with muscle massage, plasters and herbal treatments to help soothe muscles and aid in the circulation of the blood. All of this will help promote healing and strengthen tired muscles. The many benefits of acupuncture include a holistic, whole body approach to healing. It’s all incredibly beneficial and a great way for athletes to stay strong and completely healthy.

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