Chiropractic Treatment Supported by Clinical Trials and Reports

Chiropractic Treatment Supported by Clinical Trials and Reports Blog

More and more medical experts recommend chiropractic treatment. They recognize that numerous clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy of this method.

Research also proves that chiropractors offer competitive pricing and satisfy patients without compromising safety.

Long-Term Pain

A British study looked at the impact of chiropractic therapy on individuals who experienced chronic pain in their necks. The randomized trial involved 183 people. It revealed that chiropractors achieved quicker and less costly results than primary care providers or physical therapists.

  • The trial gathered information over a 12-month period
  • Chiropractic care reduced medical expenses by two-thirds
  • Education, exercise and drugs didn’t perform as well

In 2017, new American College of Physicians guidelines suggested chiropractic therapy for chronic or acute pain in the lower back. Spine Journal and an American Medical Association periodical recently published reviews that supported this treatment option.

Satisfied Patients

The American Journal of Public Health looked at the results of various studies regarding customer satisfaction. Researchers report that chiropractors succeed in satisfying a greater percentage of patients than general practitioners or physical therapists.

The Annals of Internal Medicine published details on a neck pain study in 2012. This 12-month trial received funding from the National Institutes of Health and involved about 270 patients. It revealed that chiropractic treatment decreases pain more than exercise or over-the-counter drugs.

In 1995, a well-known medical journal announced the results of a clinical trial regarding headaches. It indicated that chiropractic therapy significantly reduced tension headaches after one month. An evidence report from Duke University supported this conclusion in 2001.

  • More effective than amitriptyline treatment
  • Chiropractic therapy delivered lasting results
  • It treats headaches without harmful drugs

Compared to Alternatives

Several studies have compared spinal adjustments with conventional medical care. In 2002, a 49-day clinical trial found this method far more effective than the services offered by primary care providers. Chiropractic patients took fewer medications and missed less work.

Spine Journal revealed that just 1.5 percent of back injury sufferers need medical operations if they receive chiropractic therapy. On the other hand, about four out of 10 people must undergo such procedures when they obtain conventional treatment.

A 2015 study indicated that chiropractic patients were much more likely to decrease their pain levels by at least one-third. Nearly 19 out of every 20 participants accomplished this. Only 69 percent of patients do the same if they visit general practitioners instead.

Greater Affordability

In 2016, a U.S. medical journal reported that this treatment strategy results in lower Medicare expenses for seniors who suffer from long-term back pain. Patients cut costs to a lesser degree if they combine standard health care with a chiropractor’s services.

North Carolina health data reveals that chiropractors charge considerably smaller fees to treat patients with pain in their lower backs. A medical journal article favorably compared their bills with the rates of general practitioners and physical therapists.

Another study looked at 24 months’ worth of data from a Tennessee insurance provider. This information included details on the health services received by 85,000 policyholders. Researchers determined that lower back treatments cost about two-fifths less when patients visited chiropractors rather than primary care physicians.

  • Greater cost difference for chronic pain
  • Insurance companies save considerable sums
  • Patients benefit from lower premiums

The effectiveness and limited expense of chiropractic care have helped it become more popular than any other alternative treatment. Consequently, visits to chiropractors increased by about 300 percent in only 20 years.

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