Chronic Sciatica Treatment

Lower back pain is one of the most commonly reported physical conditions, with over a hundred billion dollars spent on it yearly. Sciatica is a condition involving damage to nerves in the lower back. Though it can be intensely painful, the New York Dynamic Rehabilitation clinic (NYDNRehab) offers advanced methods for chronic sciatica treatment and pinched nerve treatment.

Sciatica physical therapy is a form of rehabilitation focused on the sciatic nerve, the longest and widest nerve in the body. This nerve is responsible for innervating the legs and relaying signals between the skin and muscles. Sciatica is characterized by intense pain that radiates through the buttocks down the lower limbs to the foot.

Sciatica must be distinguished from another nerve condition, piriformis syndrome, which it closely resembles. Whereas sciatica typically results from compression caused by a bulged disc in the spinal column impinging on the sciatica nerve, piriformis syndrome results from compression by the piriformis muscle, a pear-shaped muscle in the buttocks. Piriformis syndrome therapy differs from sciatica physical therapy in that it focuses on trigger points in the muscles, hyper-sensitive muscle knots that can cause intense pain. Piriformis syndrome therapy seeks to relieve those tight knots and increase range of motion in the affected area.

Sciatic nerve pain therapy can take several forms depending on the severity of the condition and its origin. In cases where sciatica originates from the pelvis, extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a pinched nerve treatment that softens the tissue around nerves and increases blood flow with the assistance of acoustic pressure waves. In some cases, a physician may prescribe sciatic nerve physical therapy to reduce direct pressure on the nerve. The physician may also reduce pressure on the nerve indirectly through specific rehabilitation exercises designed to increase spinal and pelvic stability. In whatever form it takes, sciatic nerve physical therapy restores motion in the joints and improves motion control in the areas causing nerve impingement.

At NYDNRehab we provide a range of options for both mild and chronic sciatica treatment, expanding on conventional approaches to sciatica nerve pain therapy by offering treatments that are not normally offered to the public. Prominent among these is Computer-Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (C.A.R.E.N), a virtual-reality environment that until recently was only used by research facilities and military hospitals. Employing a computer-operated platform with a surrounding projection screen, C.A.R.E.N treats sciatica by creating unique situations and environments that allow the patient to undergo exercises that can’t be done in a typical clinical setting. Additionally, because shockwave therapy uses both a low-intensity and high-intensity setting, we use ESWT for both mild and chronic sciatica treatment. Regardless of whether the patient needs sciatica therapy or piriformis syndrome therapy, NYDNRehab offers treatment. With over fifteen years’ experience treating orthopedic and sports injuries, our clinic on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is the most advanced physical therapy and chiropractic in New York.

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