Clinical Pilates and lower limb injuries

Pilates for lower limb injury treatment

The strength of your core muscles can be related to reduced core activation. as well as poor balance, hip flexibility and other imbalances. If the body’s core muscles aren’t activated and or working properly weight is then transferred to the legs in a different way which affects how the muscles react when are doing daily activities. This ends up putting strain on the lower body and we are less efficient in our movement. Exercising the core muscles reduces the body’s chances of lower limb injuries like sprains. Clinical Pilates focus on stability, neuromuscular retraining and agility. Now studies have been able to show evidence to support the fact that core training and stability training can reduce the chance of lower limb injuries supporting the idea that an injury can be the result of something wrong somewhere else in the body. Core strengthening is very important and should be added to your exercise routine to decrease the chances of lower body strain. Clinical Pilates is a great way to add this essential core strengthening to your training.

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