Knee pain

Knee joint pain is an intricate anatomical structure of the human body, however functionally unless affected by trauma knee joint is much dependent on the function of the feet, hip and pelvis due to its location inside the lower kinetic chain.

Knee Pain Symptoms

Knee pain symptoms mostly follow anatomy of the knee. Most non-arthritic knee pain is situated below, above or under the knee cup. Arthritic, meniscal or ligamentous pain is situated on or around inner knee (so call joint line). Symptoms from traumatic athletic overuse, running and etc. have special clinical presentation

Differential diagnosis

Most knee conditions are easily diagnosed based on history, clinical presentation, tissue palpation, anatomical location, observational movement analysis and orthopedic testing. Diagnostic ultrasonography is a screening modality of choice since tissue pathology can be visualized during movement and it is readily available.

Evidence based award winning diagnostic test for knee stability


Most knee conditions could be diagnosed clinically
Diagnostic ultrasonography

is most useful in diagnosing soft tissue pathology (tendons, muscles, superficial ligaments, bursas and joint swelling) and is a screening modality of choice.


is superior in diagnosing deeper structures such as ACL/PCL ligaments and menisci.


is useful in seeing arthritic changes.

Knee pain treatment


A woman during CAREN procedure A man doing CAREN at NYDNRehab

At NYDNR we are one stop clinic for diagnosis and treatment of knee pain. Dr. Kalika is one of the first clinicians in NYC who uses combination of diagnostic ultrasonography and extracorporeal shockwave therapy to treat muscle tendon disorders of the knee in athletic and non-athletic population. Since most knee problems are caused by improper walking mechanics, technological gait (walking or running) analysis may be necessary. We are the first outpatient facility to offer full gait and running analysis. At NYDNR

we combine technologically advanced treatment such as CAREN (Computer Assistant Rehabilitation Environment) with top-notch neuromuscular therapy and motor control training. We believe that treatment of the knee pain requires local or global intervention. The global intervention (addressing the whole lower kinetic chain) allows the knee to fall into place with rest of the joints of the locomotor system (human movement mechanism).

Knee conditions we treat at NYDNR

Testimonials about Knee Specialist NYC

Knee Pain

Anterior Knee Pain Treatment

Anterior knee pain is an injury of the knee in which pain is experienced at the front and center of the knee. It is the most common form of injury to knee in adolescents and young adults, and in both athletes and non-athletes. Over 9 percent of young, active adults have suffered from anterior knee pain, and it accounts for a quarter of all knee problems treated at sports injury clinics. It is especially common in women and is one of the more debilitating injuries of the knee; if left untreated, it can create chronic disability. Read more…

Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is one of the most common physical injuries and has many possible causes. For this reason it’s difficult but all the more crucial to get an accurate diagnosis for treatment for knee pain. Patients may develop knee pain as a result of arthritis, ligament injuries, cartilage injuries, dislocated kneecap, bursitis, or patellar tendinitis. Luckily there is a variety of knee pain treatment options. Read more…

Osteoarthritis knee pain treatment

Osteoarthritis knee pain can be debilitating, and we at the New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation have successfully treated many patients with osteoarthritis of the knee for over 15 years.

Our doctors and staff are careful to devise treatment plans that are specific to our individual patients. In order to successfully treat our patients, we must take their age, gender and living situation and overall health into account. An otherwise healthy 60 year old who’s used to playing sports can’t be treated the same way as a 70 year old who’s been obese for most of her life and has developed co-morbidities besides arthritis. But no matter, who the knee arthritis patient is, they can depend on the skill, compassion and years of experience of our medical staff. Read more…

Knee Pain Specialist NYC

Our treatment of knee joint pain begins with complete ultrasonographic and dynamic evaluation of the kinetic chain of the lower extremity by technological Gait analysis which includes the hip and the foot. The hip and foot misbalance directly affects the knee since foot placement and hip alignment determines movement at the knee. In such cases, repairing movement dysfunctions of hip and foot will reduce stress overload to the knee and encourage its tissue healing. This strategy is combined with direct treatment of the injured knee tendons and other affected tissues. Read more…

Meniscal Tears

Meniscal tears are a common cause of knee pain. Typically, athletes who play contact sports, are most at risk for meniscal tears. However, anyone at any age can suffer from a torn meniscus. In fact, about one-third of people over 50 will suffer a torn meniscus, with meniscal tears being more common in men than in women. Men are around two and a half to four times more likely than women to develop a torn meniscus. Read more…

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”I highly recommend seeing Dr. Kalika if you are looking for a physical therapist. I had seen several PT's before I was recommended to him by another physical therapist! It's a hike for me, but worth it!! He get's to the bottom of the problem and does a root cause analysis with his multidisciplinary team before recommending a treatment plan.

very well

5 5 1
”For the last two weeks I have been receiving therapy in Dr Kalika's Rehab for my De Quervains tendonitis. I have a huge improvement the pain is almost gone. The place is great has the latest technologies for various therapies. The staff is great and Dr. Kalika is a great specialist. Appointments are easy to schedule and no wait time. Will definitely recommend this rehab to everybody who need therapy. source

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