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Treatment Methods: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

It would be nice if athletic injuries were simple, clean and easy to diagnose. However, most athletic injuries occur during play, involving large force loads at high velocities, often resulting in complex injuries to multiple structures. Traditionally, X-Ray and MRI have been used to assess and diagnose sports injuries. However, those methods have some limitations, […]

Prehab and Wellness

Redcord Neurac Therapy

Vaclav Vojta and Reflex Locomotion Therapy

Vaclav Vojta, MD was a pediatric neurologist and college professor whose life’s vocation is best remembered for his work with children inflicted with cerebral palsy, a brain disorder of unknown origins that affects muscle tone, coordinated movement and motor skills. Children with cerebral palsy often have difficulty speaking, standing and walking. In the course of […]

The Janda Approach to Pain Management and Body Mechanics

Vladamir Janda was a respected Czech neurologist, physical therapist and teacher who sadly died in 2002, at the age of 74. However, his life’s work left a legacy that is only now receiving the acclaim it deserves in the United States, in the fields of chiropractic, physical therapy, orthopedics and exercise science. The Janda Philosophy […]


Karel Lewit was born on April 25, 1916 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Austro-Hungary and died on October 2, 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic. 1) Karel Lewit was a neurologist and world authority in myoskeletal medicine. He was a pioneer of modern diagnostics and reflex therapy of musculoskeletal disorders in Czechoslovakia, and the world. As a young […]

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