Motion Equilibrium Reprocessing Therapy (MERT) with Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN)

Motion Equilibrium Reprocessing Therapy (MERT) can be used in all patients who need to be treated for maintainance of balance like appears in non – progressive vestibular, motor and neurological conditions. MERT is the most advanced habituation therapy for patients with non – progressive vestibular disease.

We are proud to be the first private facility in the US providing MOTION BASED EQUILIBRIUM REPROCESSING THERAPY, which has been successfully used by the military to treat pilots suffering from motion sickness.



The results achieved with CAREN are not attainable by conventional physical therapy. CAREN treatment combines sensory motor training, visual exercises and habituation treatment.Vestibular disease can handicap people physically, emotionally and socially. Unilateral peripheral vestibular loss results in gait and balance impairment, dizziness and oscillopsia.Conventional treatment with Betahistine, Carbamazepine and oral steroids as well as head rotation exercises by Cawthorne and Cooksey have limited indication and varying response rates.
Patients affected with peripheral vestibulopathies are usually frustrated with inability to find the right treatment.Virtual reality rehabilitation is a new method which has shown results superior to conventional treatment options.

A woman during CAREN sesion at NYDNRehab in NYC

At DNR we specialize in treatment of balance and vestibular disorders
with the help of CAREN (Computer assisted Rehabilitation
Environment) – the most advanced technology for treatment of balance
and vestibular disorders that is available for the first time in the NYC.


MERT is based on military desensitization principles within Virtual Environment.

The 6 DoF ( Degrees of Freedom) virtual reality motion base of CAREN is used to expose patient to sinusoidal vertical passive whole body motion in gradually increasing intensity while fixating the eye site on rolldome and/or optokinetic drum through virtual reality 180 degrees screen.


3-5 times a week for two consecutive weeks

MERT conceptual model and MERT lab at NYDNRehab

MERT is based on military desensitization principles within Virtual


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