Prenatal and Postpartum
Physical Therapy

About Prenatal and Postpartum Physical Therapy

For most women, having a baby is both exciting and frightening. The dramatic changes that take place in your body, from conception to postpartum recovery, bring with them discomfort, pain and balance issues. Most doctors recommend exercise during pregnancy, but many women do not know what type of exercise is best, and how to do it safely.

Prenatal physical therapy can help you maintain strong muscles, stable joints and good posture through all stages of pregnancy. Postpartum physical therapy can help your body heal and recover, and help you restore your pre-pregnancy fitness level. Prenatal and postpartum chiropractic care helps you maintain good spinal alignment, to reduce the incidence of back and joint pain.

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Dr. Lev Kalika
Dr. Lev Kalika

Clinical director & DC RMSK

About Dr. Lev Kalika,
NYDNRehab Clinical Director

Dr. Kalika is a licensed New York chiropractor with over 15 years of experience in patient care. He is an expert in diagnostic ultrasonography, and has made significant contributions to the scientific literature on the use of ultrasound imaging for musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Kalika’s dedication to adopting the latest evidence-based technologies and therapies ensures that NYDNRehab’s female patients receive the best prenatal and postpartum physical therapy and chiropractic care in NYC.

Why Choose NYDNRehab for Pre and
Post Childbirth Physical Therapy?

Not all physical therapy clinics offer treatment options specifically geared to new mothers, and those that do often take a one-size-fits all approach. At NYDNRehab, we treat the patient, not the condition. Our one-on-one personalized approach to patient care sets us apart from our competitors.

Our women’s health specialists know how important it is for you to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Our high-resolution ultrasound equipment lets us monitor the health of both you and your baby as your body changes and adapts. We stay on the lookout for problems while helping you to prepare for the birth of your child.

After your baby is born, we work with you to overcome the trauma of childbirth and restore or even improve your pre-pregnancy fitness level. With NYDNRehab, you can confidently navigate the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth, knowing you have the support of our women’s healthcare team.

Common Prenatal and Postpartum

Common Prenatal and Postpartum Conditions


  • Back pain

  • Headaches

  • Constipation

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Premature labor

  • Joint instability

  • Poor posture

  • Balance issues


  • Diastasis recti

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Perineum pain

  • Joint misalignment

  • Achy muscles and joints

  • Weak abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Constipation

Diagnostic Ultrasound for Mom and Baby

Few physical therapy clinics offer on-site ultrasound imaging. At NYDNRehab, we use the highest resolution diagnostic ultrasound available to visualize the uterus, pelvic region, and other areas of the body where pain and dysfunction arise. Our ability to see what’s going on below the surface is a huge advantage when it comes to selecting the best treatment options during and after your pregnancy.

Dr. Kalika is recognized globally as an expert in diagnostic ultrasonography. His experience and expertise, coupled with our research-grade ultrasound equipment, ensure that no anomaly goes undetected. Our equipment also gives us capabilities for superb microvascular imaging, to detect blood flow in even the tiniest blood vessels.

Diagnostic Ultrasound for Mom and Baby

Prenatal Care

From the moment of conception, your body begins to adapt to the tiny human growing inside your womb. As the baby grows larger, your center of gravity shifts, your ligaments relax, and your internal organs get rearranged to make room for your growing son or daughter.

Prenatal physical therapy and prenatal chiropractic care help you to adjust to the ongoing changes taking place in your body, to reduce pain and discomfort and promote a successful childbirth experience.

Your prenatal care plan may include

Your prenatal care plan may include

  • Prenatal chiropractic care to ease back pain and maintain good spinal alignment

  • Prenatal physical therapy exercises to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and stabilize your low back

  • Perineal massage to enhance elasticity and reduce the risk of tearing during childbirth

  • Postural correction therapy to reduce back and joint pain

  • Myofascial release therapy to reduce muscle tension and pain

  • Manual massage therapy to target tight muscles and promote relaxation

  • Targeted core exercise to reduce the risk of diastasis recti

  • Pelvic floor physical therapy to optimize pelvic floor function and relieve nerve compression

  • Postural and breathing techniques to relax the diaphragm and reduce shortness of breath

  • Personalized exercise programs to enhance fitness and promote overall well being

Postpartum Care

Once your baby is born, your body needs time to heal and recover. The three months following childbirth are often referred to as the “fourth trimester,” as your body slowly returns to its pre-pregnancy state. Failure to recognize your body’s need for special care during the months following childbirth can have far-reaching repercussions for your health and wellbeing.

Your postpartum care plan may include:

  • Postpartum physical therapy to restore muscle strength and balance

  • Postpartum chiropractic care to realign the spinal column

  • Pelvic floor physical therapy to restore strength and function of the pelvic floor muscles, eliminate bladder incontinence, and optimize reproductive and sexual function

  • Specialized postpartum physical therapy for diastasis recti

  • Exercises to reverse uterine prolapse

Postpartum Care

Get the Best Prenatal and Postpartum
Care in NYC

Pregnancy and childbirth are empowering experiences that push the female body to its limits. The women’s health specialists at NYDNRehab provide the support and care you need to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. After your baby is born, postpartum physical therapy can help you get your body back in shape, so you can get back to being physically active and enjoy being a new mom. Contact NYDNRehab today, and get the best prenatal and postpartum physical therapy and chiropractic care in NYC.


In this instance, an athlete was originally diagnosed with minor quadriceps muscle strain and was treated for four weeks, with unsatisfactory results. When he came to our clinic, the muscle was not healing, and the patients’ muscle tissue had already begun to atrophy.

Upon examination using MSUS, we discovered that he had a full muscle thickness tear that had been overlooked by his previous provider. To mitigate damage and promote healing, surgery should have been performed immediately after the injury occurred. Because of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment, the patient now has permanent damage that cannot be corrected.

The most important advantage of Ultrasound over MRI imaging is its ability to zero in on the symptomatic region and obtain imaging, with active participation and feedback from the patient. Using dynamic MSUS, we can see what happens when patients contract their muscles, something that cannot be done with MRI. From a diagnostic perspective, this interaction is invaluable.

Dynamic ultrasonography examination demonstrating
the full thickness tear and already occurring muscle atrophy
due to misdiagnosis and not referring the patient
to proper diagnostic workup

Demonstration of how very small muscle defect is made and revealed
to be a complete tear with muscle contraction
under diagnostic sonography (not possible with MRI)


Complete tear of rectus femoris
with large hematoma (blood)


Separation of muscle ends due to tear elicited
on dynamic sonography examination

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