3 Unusual Conditions that Physical Therapy Treats

Conditions that Physical Therapy Treats

Physical therapy has become a common phrase as more of the population lives past sixty-five and needs a boost for living independent life. This therapy is also known as physiotherapy and offers the treatment of any injury, disease, or pain through physical means. If you have a physical condition that is hampering your overall health, you may be sent to a therapist who will help you move better and relieve your pain.

It has been one of the best ways to recover from surgery or injury as it focuses on the quickest way to make daily tasks easier. For instance, a therapist trained in these methods may help a client with going up stairs, walking, or being able to wash the dishes. Due to this, it is considered by many to be a rehabilitate therapy that is aimed at those who need to improve, recover, or maintain their personal abilities.

However, this type of treatment is not just for those who need assistance walking or moving about. This type of treatment can help to cure the following diseases as well.


Asthma is not a condition that many people would think that this type of therapy would be helpful for, but it is commonly treated by therapists. Chest therapy as well as physiotherapy offers a way to improve a patient’s lung function to improve their chances during acute or severe asthma attacks. The treatment will include breathing exercises that are intended to normalize a breathing pattern, helping to slow the respiratory rate through long expiration of breaths.

Frequently, the therapist will do this by asking the client to perform breathing exercises such as:

• Diaphragmatic Breathing Patterns
• Nasal Breathing

Dislocation of the Elbow

An elbow can become dislocated easily when the joint surfaces of the elbow are forced apart. In fact, the elbow is the second more commonly dislocated joint in anyone over the age of eighteen. Once an elbow has become dislocated, most doctors will advise physical therapy for a period of two to three weeks after surgery has been completed.

Even after the joint has healed, a therapist may provide a list of other exercises that will help to keep your arm joints flexible while relieving any symptoms of pain. These can include therapies such as:

• Flexing and Extending the Elbow Actively
• Basic Stretches
• Pronating and Supinating of the Forearm

Neurological Diseases

Physical therapy is an important tool for those who have suffered a neurological disease or injury, even if it isn’t a chronic condition. When your spinal cord or brain has suffered an injury, it causes the death of different cells that control the sensation and movement in your body. This can easily create a loss of function and make it difficult for patients to return to their daily lives. Choosing to go to therapy for these conditions greatly increases the chances that a patient will be able to perform daily tasks.

This is important because decreasing your normal activities can lead to other health issues, such as lung concerns, heart problems, diabetes, a decrease in independence and confidence and a lowering of the overall quality of your life. The activities that a physical therapist may ask you to perform vary depending on your condition.

Why You Should Visit a Physical Therapist

Visiting a therapist can greatly enhance your quality of life. They will work with you to develop an individualized care plan that will take into account a patient’s goals and their expectations. Consulting with a physical therapist will enhance your chances of recovery as well as increasing the chances of success and satisfaction in your life.


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