8 Amazing Tips How Physical Therapy Improves Sensation

Physical Therapy Improves Sensation

Physical therapy is also known as physiotherapy, and it is a medical discipline that is concerned with the treatment of impairments. This branch of medicine is involved with helping people improve their mobility, function and their general quality of life. The quality of life is enhanced through clinical examination, diagnosis, physical intervention and prognosis. The professionals who are concerned with this kind of treatment are referred to as physical therapists or physiotherapists. Physiotherapy is also important in improving the general body sensation where a patient is undergoing a sensory loss.

The leading cause of sensory loss is aging. As we advance in age, our senses tend to loosen up. Loss of senses can also be attributed to accidents or illnesses. Sensory loss occurs in various ways:

Visual impairment

The most common visual impairments are the refractive errors, glaucoma, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Visual impairment is managed through the use of eye related exercises, Braille displays on computers and Braille display for books. If the visual impairment is not at its advanced stage, it can be corrected by magnifying the materials.

Hearing loss

The leading causes of hearing loss include age, physical trauma, being subjected to the sound of high decibels, genetic disorders and wrong medications. Hearing loss can be healed through the use of surgery, using assistive devices, or through the provision of hearing aids.


Ageusia is the loss of taste function. When a person is suffering from this condition, it becomes difficult to detect sweetness, bitterness, sourness and saltiness. This condition is generated by various factors such as vitamin deficiency and nerve damage. Sometimes it can be due to endocrine disorder, cancer, anxiety disorder, liver failure or as a side effect of treatment. Surgery is not always necessary as a treatment option because most health care centers have various solutions that can be used to better a patient’s quality of life.


Anosmia is the inability to perceive odor, and it can be due to several diseases. Ailments that can result to anosmia include diabetes, stroke, long-term alcoholism and epilepsy. The treatment options of this condition depend on the cause.

Aerobic condition

Aerobic exercises are important because they increase the oxygen levels in our bodies. High oxygen levels keep our lung, heart and the nervous system healthy. Exercises also reduce depression. These activities lead to an increased heart rate, something that leads to increased blood flow to all body parts. This assists in treating sensory nerves.

Progressive strengthening exercises

Physical therapy through the use of progressive strengthening exercises increases the body’s strength. After a sensory loss, it might take longer for a person to heal or regain the sensation completely. Physical therapists are trained to gradually improve the strength, which is needed in carrying out day to day activities.

Stretching exercises

The stretching exercises involving specific muscles should be performed on a daily basis as directed by the therapist. Therapists usually recommend using techniques that are best suited in assisting a person improve his flexibility.

Balance and coordination

Exercises have been designed to specifically improve a patient’s attention, flexes, sensory processing and muscle strength. Improved body coordination ensures that the body receives the right messages from the sensory nerves and responds to these messages accurately.
Physiotherapy treatment is vital in improving one’s physical sensation. It also helps in improving a person’s balance, mobility, communication and the general sense of well-being.


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