Acupuncture and Neck Stiffness

Acupuncture and Neck Stiffness Blog  Stiff Neck Acupuncture

Countless people all around the world suffer from neck stiffness. Stiff neck treatment, however, is readily available for people who have to live with the discomfort. Stiff neck treatment is often a gateway to acupuncture, a Chinese practice that can be beneficial for many types of ailments.

Acupuncture can be extremely successful in the management of acute stiff neck situations. If a person has an acute situation, he may experience positive results (40 to 60 percent better) after just a single treatment session. It’s important to note, however, that follow-up treatments are often required. These treatments are generally performed between two and three days after the initial sessions. Most people in the acute category only require single treatments, however. All situations are different.

If an individual has a chronic issue, then his acupuncture need may be based on whatever is actually triggering the discomfort in the first place. If an individual is getting stiff neck treatment for a condition such as cervical spine degeneration, he’ll require continued acupuncture sessions to minimize discomfort and control the intensity of his symptoms.

Acupuncture involves placing needles in the nape and neck areas. People also typically need needles on the upper thoracic parts of their backs, although they generally only need them in minimal amounts. The heels and hands also are equipped with trigger points, although many people are unaware of that fact.

If an individual receives acupuncture for neck pain, its specific causes can vary. Physical factors and bad posture aren’t the only things that can bring on the need for acupuncture for neck pain. Stress can also often make people experience neck stiffness. People who are concerned about this possibility can consider their positioning during sleep. People who are stressed out frequently sleep while squashing their heads in the middle of their pillows. When people are asleep, they’re unconscious and therefore unaware of their actions. That’s why many people sleep this way and have absolutely no clue about it.

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