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Back Pain relief

La-Z-Boy recliners are a common sight in living rooms around the world. However, many individuals are unaware of the health benefits that come from relaxing in a La-Z-Boy. According to research done by the New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Center, La-Z-Boy recliners have helped minimize the pain experienced by individuals with back and leg injuries.

One of the reasons why a La-Z-Boy recliner can help with back pain is because it allows you to take weight off your spine. When relaxing in a La-Z-Boy, your spine is at rest. Conversely, when you sit straight up, you need to contract the muscles that surround your spine.

According to some researchers, more than 80 percent of people around the world will experience back pain at some point in their life. A large portion of these individuals will experience chronic back pain. Back pain is ranked as the number one cause of doctors’ visits and sick days at work. More and more, physicians are encouraging their patients to purchase a La-Z-Boy as part of their home care.

There are many reasons why an individual may experience back pain. These reasons range from a herniated disc to a degenerative spinal condition to sprained muscles. La-Z-Boy recliners help all of these conditions because they allow you to take pressure and weight off your back. When you are in a reclined position, you are allowing your spine to rest. Many medical professionals believe that the full-body support provided by a reclining chair also removes stress from leg muscles and the upper back. The end result is reduced back pain and reduced symptoms of sciatica.

While simply elevating your legs and being in a reclined position will support your back, many doctors encourage their patients to look for recliners that have the ability to recline at multiple angles. It is interesting to note that doctors have seen positive results in individuals dealing with muscle strains and those dealing with back pain that stems from pregnancy who recline in a La-Z-Boy.

According to reports published by doctors, 77 percent of their patients who have back pain as a result of muscle strains see relief after using a La-Z-Boy recliner. The same thing is true for 61 percent of their patients who have degenerative spinal issues and 60 percent to their patients who have back pain that results from pregnancy.

A patient who was suffering with back pain for some time wrote their doctor and said that for more than sixteen years they had been suffering with pain. They purchased a La-Z-Boy recliner and put it in their living room. That evening they watched television for a few hours and then went to sleep. When they woke up the next morning, they were surprised to find that their back pain was gone. They commented that they were shocked to see that a recliner did for them what visits to the doctor, medicine, physical therapy, and chiropractors could not do. They stated that the pain had been absent for a few weeks, and they were looking at purchasing a second La-Z-Boy in the future.

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