Call for a Paradigm Shift in ACL Rehab


ACL Injury and Return to Play

For athletes whose lives revolve around their sport, having an injury that takes them off the playing field can be to play (RTP), we may be setting them up for failure by putting them back on the field prematurely.

ACL rupture is a common sports injury that can range in degree of damage from mild tocols should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Trouble with Time-Based Protocols

To date, established proto your destination, depending on where you are coming from.

Given the many factor play within a given period of time, when they may not yet be ready. Premature RTP sets the athlete up for impaired performance and further injury.

Proposal for Criteria-Based Protocols

With years of experience working with injured athletes, Wilson knows that recovery time varies from one athlete protocol identifies phases of recovery, and specifically outlines performance and readiness standards for each phase.

Phases of Recovery for RTP

Wilson identifies four phases of recovery for RTP, each with its own punchlist of performance and readiness standards:

● Phase I: Acute phase from injury to full ambulation without supportive devises.
● Phase II: Jogging.
● Phase III: Return to sport with agility training.
● Phase IV: Return to play with a pain scale score of ≲ 2.

Each phase uses multiple assessments to establish the degree of recovery, including balance tests, joint range of motion, landing pattern assessment, pain scale, functional performance tests and more.

“You’re Ready When You’re Ready”

The time it takes an individual athlete tor.