Healing Tennis Elbow Through The Use of Trigger Point Therapy

tennis elbow pain

Tennis elbow is a condition that got its name due to something. Not every elbow pain is associated with tennis elbow, but it is a very real condition that needs medical attention. There are techniques that can be utilized that do not require surgical intervention.

Tennis elbow treatment by Trigger Point Therapy

To treat this condition effectively, the use of trigger points is utilized. What is a trigger point? Trigger points go along with Eastern Medicinal practices, or holistic approaches. Many docto treat this problem. In all actuality, the problem can be fixed by massaging with a firm pressure on these trigger points.

Trigger points are areas of the body that are sensitive, specifically around tendons and muscles. During massage therapy, these areas are stimulated or irritated. This causes an effect in another party of the body due to another area. Some call them knots or bands that are in the muscles. The body has over 400 muscles. These knots will not be present in a healthy muscle without issues. They are only present in muscles that have strain. By massaging these knots or trigger points, it brings relief by breaking up the strain.


Why Trigger Point Therapy Works

During therapy, the therapist presses down on the trigger point in the area that is causing pain to treat pain that does not use traditional practices of Western Medicine. However, many are finding relief and help through the gentle manipulation of their trigger points. It is one of the best forms of relief known for severe pain in the elbow.