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Scientists want to make the process of clinical scientific research easier to obtain and to be widely spread. The reasons that lie behind this need is that they as scientists, feel that the communication part is what tends to drag. Leaving knowledge about new discoveries and or research behind when it comes to the development and passing on the information learned. The bottom line is that scientists want to be able to communicate and share their science discoveries better. They are tired of the long process that a new discovery has to go through and would like to bypass that altogether to have the chance to have the capacity to have an effect on clinical practice. So, what is it that the mind and body want to say? Advancements and problems involving clinical sciences that are connected to the relationships of the brain and mind in chronic pain disorders. There are the three ‘C’s: complicated, credibility and creativity.


Complicated: It is believed that human beings are extremely complicated and that embracing this complexity will help clinical practice in a positive way.

Credibility: Scientist are wanting to give evidence-based information, that shows a clear and unbiased look at speculation and what is speculation is called speculation. This is all done openly and without prejudice, peer-reviewed.

Creativity: The main difference that is seen that exists between doctors and scientists is a inconvenience. Scientists believe that if these differences can be set aside, a creative space can be created where doctors and scientists trust each other and really start to solve problems together.

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