Patellofemoral pain

A common running injury for about 10% of the active population is pain located around or right beneath the knee cap. This pain is referred to as Patellofemoral pain. This is also a common pain for those who may not be so active and come be acquired from normal daily actives. Typically, this pain condition develops slowly over time but can also come about by the result of an trauma injury or surgery due to injuries of the knee. Sadly, Patellofemoral pain tends to become chronic for many and more than 70% of people still suffer with pain 15+ years after the first diagnosis. This is because this pain is due to biomechanics issues which cause symptoms which are considered complex and are different from one patient to the next.

Patellofemoral pain

This blog was created by Dr. Kalika, director of NYDNR. Having worked with some of the top in his field but just to name one for example, Prof. Vladimir of the renowned Czech School of Rehabilitation. Prof. Vladimir was called “the world’s leader in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the 20th century.” by the Spine magazine. Dr. Kalika is proficient in imaging with diagnostic ultrasound and has worked with some of the top sports medicine specialists in Europe. He has a deep understanding of medical diagnosis because of his immense knowledge of orthopedic as well as sports medicine practices.

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