Physical Therapy Tips for Caregivers of Elderly Adults

Physical Therapy Tips for Caregivers of Elderly Adults Blog  Physical therapy

Rehabilitative therapy is one of the most-often recommended treatments for elderly adults who are recuperating from an illness, surgery, or an injury. Physical exercise is one of the treatments frequently prescribed by physicians for a number of conditions and can help with chronic pain as well. Elderly adults who need to improve or recover their strength can benefit from physical therapy. It can help them to achieve greater satisfaction in their daily life by allowing them to do the things they could not previously. Physical therapy does not work overnight. In order for it to be beneficial it requires determination and time. Caregivers who are helping an elderly adult go through physical therapy will benefit from the tips below.

Make Certain that Appointments are Kept

Each physical therapy visit is important. This is how the therapist tracks the progress that is being made. It may be necessary to go to physical therapy more than once a week depending on the reason for going. Caregivers should support and encourage their loved one to keep each appointment because this is the key to getting better and regaining the ability to live life to the fullest. When an appointment is missed it can reverse the progress that has been made.

Keep Track of the Progress

Keep a record of the progress being made by your elderly loved one. The record can help their physical therapist so they can adjust any of the exercises as needed. It can also help motivate elderly adults by allowing them to see that there are some things they could not do previously but are now able to accomplish. This can help to motivate them to want to continue to keep their appointments and complete the exercises they are doing at home.

Home Therapy Programs

Physical therapists often recommend exercises for your loved one to do at home in between visits. These exercises are very important to their recovery. Encourage elderly adults to stay committed and complete their home program as recommended. Help them to follow the instructions given by the physical therapist. By motivating them to follow the home program in addition to their regular appointments, their chances of recovering their strength or recuperating from an illness or surgery increases.

Be Observant

Physical therapy is very beneficial for your loved one to help them increase range of motion and strengthen muscles so they can return to activities that they enjoy. However, it is important to be observant when they are doing their exercises. If certain ones are causing pain or if they are having problems accomplishing them this needs to be brought to the attention of their physical therapist or their doctor. They can adjust the exercises to decrease problems or pain. It can help them to stay motivated to do the exercises as well.

Support is Essential

Physical therapy can be tiring and demanding. It is not abnormal for elderly adults to want to give up but caregivers who have an understanding and positive attitude can help. By being supportive and encouraging they can help elderly adults see the improvement physical therapy has made. Listening to their concerns when they get frustrated and do not want to do their exercises or go to their physical therapy appointments is essential. It is important to let them know you understand without being too bossy or overbearing.

Celebrate Success

Celebrate each accomplishment with elderly adult loved ones as they go through physical therapy. Just as important as supporting them, celebrating is a good way to let them know you are proud of their hard work and accomplishments.

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