SCIATICA – What is it? Causes and symptoms of sciatica


Sciatica causes, simptoms and illustrations

Do You Have Any of the Symptoms Showcased Below?

Some people suffering from low back pain may experience some common symptoms of sciatica. As a rule, sciatica symptoms originate in one side of the body. Sciatica pain originates in the lower back or hip and spreads down following the sciatic nerve. Lower back pain may be less severe than sciatic nerve pain felt in the leg. Numbness and tingling may accompany sciatica. Sometimes sciatica is more difficult to live with than back pain.


Sciatica results from compression of spinal nerves that leads to their inflammation. It can be caused by: Disc Herniation. It is the most widespread cause of sciatica. Spinal Stenosis. This condition associated with aging leads to degenerative processes in the spine that result in compression of spinal cords or spinal nerves. Aging, however, and associated with it wear and tear of the spine, is not the only cause of disc herniation and sciatica. Some other factors are: Obesity Smoking Sedentary lifestyle Incorrect lifting of heavy objects Having a job or activity that involves repetitive bending


Sciatica symptoms may go away on their own; however, if you suffer from pain for over than a week, or experience severe or acute pain, make sure that you visit your doctor as soon as possible to get proper help. You should visit your doctor asap if: Sudden, severe pain slashes through your low back or leg. You experience sudden numbness in your leg. You fail to control your bladder or bowels. You pain results from an auto accident. Want to learn more about sciatica? Visit… today!

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