Shock Away Pain from Knee OA with ESWT

Shock Away Pain from Knee OA with ESWT Blog

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common affliction that causes stiffness, crackling, swelling and  tenderness in your joints. While it may occur in any joint, OA is particularly debilitating in the knee, as it can become quite painful when walking, causing you to limp and restricting your daily activities.

It is estimated that OA affects up to one-tenth of the world’s population, accounting for 30 to 55 percent of all orthopedic visits. Its widespread prevalence indicates a dearth of effective treatment and an incomplete understanding of OA’s root causes. However, there is strong evidence linking OA to low grade chronic inflammation, a condition also associated with metabolic disease.

Traditional treatments for knee OA include:

  • Self care like exercise, weight loss, icing and OTC menthol rubs
  • Medications including NSAIDs, analgesics, nutritional supplements and narcotics
  • Physical therapy, stretching, acupuncture and hydrotherapy
  • Surgery, including arthroscopy and joint replacement

ESWT and Knee OA

Thanks to advances in technology, a new and effective, non-invasive therapy is showing great promise for successfully treating knee OA. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) uses shockwaves to treat OA. Shock waves are a sequence of sonic pulses with a high peak pressure, rapid pressure rise, and short duration, that are generated outside the body and focused on the arthritic joint.

ESWT can be painful, both during and immediately following the procedure. Other side effects from ESWT are minor skin bruising, reddening, and swelling around the treated area. However, studies have demonstrated ESWT to effectively reduce pain over time, resulting in improved quality of life for knee OA sufferers.

In one recent study, patients with knee OA were given three to six ESWT treatments, three to six days apart. After the course of treatment, 85% of participants demonstrated considerable improvement, with reduced morning stiffness, increased joint function, reduced pain and improved quality of life.


The sports medicine team of professionals at NYDNRehab have extensive experience treating knee pain. We use cutting edge technology, combining diagnostic ultrasonography and extracorporeal shockwave therapy to treat knee OA. At NYDNRehab, we are dedicated to getting to the source of your pain, not just treating the symptoms. If you are suffering from debilitating osteoarthritis of the knee, don’t waste your time and money on therapies and treatments that fall short of the mark. Make an appointment with NYDNRehab today, and set yourself on the road to recovery from knee OA.


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