The Benefits of Kinesio Taping


Back in 1970, Dr. Kenzo Kase wanted to create a product that could help stimulate the body’s natural healing process. A person wears the tape as they would a brace. It has an elastic feel to it that is about as thick as human skin. It is lightweight, so there is no discomfort to a person while wearing it. This tape is able to move and stretch. Actually, it can expand up to 140 percent of its own length. You can wear it in the shower, and it won’t trap in moisture and heat. This taping method has become so popular that medical professionals are using it for sports injuries.

Taping Uses Anatomy and Biomechanics

The tape gently lifts the skin. By lifting the skin, the body fluids are able to flow freely. Those who have issues with swelling can find great relief with taping. It can be used for acute traumas or even post-operative ones. Those who have problems with muscle spasms can use this tape to inhibit muscles and contract them. The tape allows the body to have normal range of motion with support and stability. Unlike so many other “quick fix” products on the market, taping is based on anatomy and biomechanics.

Is Taping Right For You?

Muscles can be strained when they are overworked. By using Kinesio tape, the tape can ease or inhibit the issues with that muscle. Take for instance a person who works on their computer all day long. The upper trapezius muscle is strained. Applying tape to this muscle can decrease pain in the area by enhancing circulation. If you’re thinking that you should go out and buy a roll of this tape, you probably need to talk to your doctor first. An evaluation needs to be done by either a doctor or a physical therapist to see if you can tape successfully. Some medical doctor may not be familiar with these methods; rather, holistic practitioners are the best to consult for these matters. Not only can they show you the proper way to tape, but they can also teach you techniques so that you can do it yourself.

The Benefits of Taping

Muscle strain and pain is something that is horrible to deal with. Many people reach for the medicine cabinet to help them get through the pain. However, when the main issue is not addressed, the pain will continue once the medications wear off. It is important to seek a more permanent fix for a reoccurring medical condition. Taping taps into the bodies restorative nature to repair damaged areas. There are no side effects and it is a very cost effective method. If you think taping may be the answer to your chronic pain issues, talk to your therapist or doctor about all the benefits.


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