Top 5 Back Pain Myths

When it comes to back pain, there are a lot of different explanations and warnings you may be given in order to educate patients about their body. Some of these warnings have been passed down for generations, and have also been widely accepted. If you want to know more about your body, check out our top five back pain myths:

Top 5 Back Pain Myths Blog  Lower back pain Back pain

Bending isn’t Dangerous

Although your body doesn’t need to make sudden and extreme changes, bending your body often a little bit at a time can help acute back pain even though it may hurt a little. Changing your breathing pattern can also help your oxygen uptake.

Discs Don’t Slip

The nerves around your discs and your discs themselves can be injured, but your spinal discs don’t actually move. Your discs may be herniated or bulging, but two-thirds of the population have these symptoms without experiencing any pain.

Lower Back Pain is Isolated

Lower back pain is not isolated from the rest of your body or the way you live. The factors that contribute to and cause all types of local pain also contribute to and cause lower back pain. Some of these factors that contribute to local pain include the following: stress, lack of exercise, postures, your emotional state, previous back injuries and work.

Always Sit Up Straight

Although slouching your body is, in fact, bad for your back, you can also hurt your back when you sit too straight and still for long periods of time. You can take a break by letting your back curve momentarily, or you can stand up while talking on the phone.

Nerves do not Get Trapped

If you’re hurt and you have pain and inflammation, the blood flow around your nerves may be affected. This is your body’s natural response to injury.

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