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There are many differences when it comes to running on a treadmill vs running on the road. The running pace on a treadmill differs to the pace of a runner on a road because on a treadmill you can run faster due to getting help from the belt. This means you can get quicker time on the treadmill than you would running the same distance on the road. You won’t have to worry about the weather outside when running on a treadmill and this makes it very convenient. The incline and decline can be different too depending on the route you choose or the incline settings you set on your treadmill. Besides these basic differences, your muscles and tissue are worked differently because of the different surfaces.

A road is a lot tougher and less forgiving than a treadmill.

While running on a treadmill you have an environment that never changes. There is no change in surface, direction or need to jump for any reason. Running outdoors engages your core while a treadmill cannot offer the same type of workout. Considered a good or bad thing depending on what you’d like to get out of your training or work out. If you are coming off of an injury of some sort and are trying to stay in shape while recovering or getting back into training for a sport the treadmill would be a great solution. By getting rid of risky factors you can help prevent future re-injury. If you are an athlete coming back from an injury, the treadmill is great in gathering a more precise calculation of how fast you’re going, the traveled distance and slope or incline.

If you are training for a certain event with specific time goals the treadmill is a great way to help you set your speed and keep it. Having to manually touch a button to slow down helps you stay aware of your pace and keep it up. If you are running outside and were to get tired you would slow your pace and may not notice it.

Running on the treadmill is easier on your body than running outdoors on a road. Your joints will thank you if you decide to run on a treadmill instead of hitting the road. This is the best option for those who are returning from a lower body joint injury. You will see runners choosing to run on the softer treadmill to help with the impact on their joints when they have bad knees or are recovering from an injury.

Even though running indoors on a treadmill is safer. Running outdoors on a road gives you a new scenery and is less boring. You also have the chance to challenge your coordination and core balance. Your body is forced to work harder when you have different terrain and help with balance and strengthening your body. You may increase the risk for injury but you will challenge and allows you to become stronger.

Running on the beach requires your body to work extra hard, while having a low impact on your joints. You test your leg strength, core balance, and endurance.

Running outdoors is great because your feet and leg muscles are constantly needing to adjust to the changing surfaces because the road is never truly flat. Running on a road uses more muscles when compared to running on a treadmill but running on a treadmill is easy and effective. Walking backwards is something that can be done on a treadmill which effectively and safely allows you to add in more variety.

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