What is Stress-Related Back Pain

What is Stress-Related Back Pain Blog  Pain Back pain and emotions

Emotional stress tends to heighten the symptoms of your back pain when you have a preexisting condition. This reason is why so many people are being diagnosed with back pain related to stress. This may mean that it is the psychological and emotional factors that trigger back pain, prolongs back pain and or can be a combination of both.

Origin of the Term

Back pain relating to stress is not a new health condition. It was first discovered as well as diagnosed in the 1820s. This sort of diagnosis is called psycho-physiological or psychosomatic.

Dr. Edward Shorter wrote a book called From Paralysis to Fatigue. It discusses psychosomatic illnesses and it’s history. For example, spinal irritation was a diagnosis made in 19th century that was similar to back pain that was the result of emotional strain. It was a common diagnosis that was used all over the world by medical doctors. Dr. Shorter explains how many patients and doctors in the 19th century believed these results and diagnosis even though there wasn’t any proof of irritation in the spine.

Many physicians would plant symptoms of the condition in their patients’ heads. This increased the fear about rather the disease actually existed. In the early part of the 20th century, Spinal irritation was a common diagnosis. This diagnosis supplied the needs of both patients and doctors. It helped doctors to stay in competition with their peers because they offered treatment for this condition. A diagnosis of this kind also helped patients to stay sane. If there was not a medical reason for spinal irritation, then it could be a psychological problem.

The idea of emotional strain causing back pain was made popular by John Sarno. He decided to call this condition tension myositis syndrome (TMS). Sarno also teaches about medicine as well as rehabilitation at New York University.

The symptoms that you are experiencing, are they real?

So, can pain in the back and body in general be due to emotional stress and are these symptoms real? Some people may start to think that they are just making this all up and will put off going to the doctor. This is not true. A stressful situation can heighten the symptoms when you have an existing back problem.

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