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Biofeedback Motor Control Training and Analysis

Biomechanical Analysis With Real Time Force Plate Technology Biomechanical analysis can register the forces involved with athletic movement. When these forces exceed normal there is excessive stress to joints, muscles and ligaments. The excessive forces are always the result of poor muscle coordination, improper technique (motor control) and muscular weakness. The in depth biomechanical analysis […]

Biomechanical Analysis With Real Time Force Plate Technology

At NYDNR we use most advanced force plate technology and 3D video analysis to evaluate biomechanics of an athlete in motion. This cutting edge analysis is of particular importance to runners and athletes who are involved in cutting and jumping movements. Why athlete needs biomechanical analysis? Biomechanical analysis can register the forces involved with athletic […]

Achilles Tendinopathy treatment

Achilles tendinopathy, one of the most common causes of heel pain, is a degenerative condition in which the largest tendon of the body, the Achilles tendon, endures a strains from running, walking, jumping, or strenuous exercise. While tendinopathy of the Achilles tendon affects both active and inactive individuals, it is most prevalent in athletes, research […]

ACL injuries

Probably one of the most common complaints among sports men and women is the knee pain. Strenuous exercise and extra stress added on the lower extremities causes added wear and tear to the knee ligaments. The most common of the injuries to the knee is the anterior cruciate ligament injury, and can happen during both […]

Peroneal Tendinitis

How to Treat Peroneal Tendinitis Everyday activities are hard on us and, one day, we wake up and feel a strange pain in the foot. Typically, there are two ways people react to this problem: Usually they ignore the trouble and wait till it heals itself. If not, maybe it is fear or laziness to […]

What Are Shin Splints?

Shin splits are typical categorized as an overuse leg injury. This is because they are usually seen in runners and athletes who increase their running or activity. It is a pain on the lower part of the leg located next to the shinbone (tibia). It is caused by stress on the shinbone and tissue that […]

Shoe Fit

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