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A woman during gait analysis session at NYDNRehab

Gait analysis has been a standard procedure in the research world for thirty years.

However it is only now making its way into the clinical world. Since gait analysis technology is expensive podiatrist and therapist are using simple vide to perform it. This is a short chained approach since a full gait analysis involves professional equipment with proper set up and technology. Gait analysis is also a complex science with a steep learning curve. Other components of gait analysis is necessary. Since the recorded video biomechanical faults are not always the cause, most frequently they are compensations. The interpreter must rely on data from other components of gait analysis technology as well as a thorough biomechanical assessment to make the right diagnosis.

Gait or running analysis may be necessary in foot/ankle, knee, hip and low back pain. Runners with those symptoms are considered primary candidates for the gait evaluation.

Clinicians must realize and appreciate that pain in the above-mentioned joints have one thing in common – it affects walking and running. The impairment of walking frequently involves more than one joint and gait analysis is the only tool that allows us to observe interrelationship of the vertical locomotion with the kinematic chain. Gait analysis is the only tool, which can quantify and measure the degree of functional limitation, movement impairment and disability.

At DNR, we use Zebris instrumented treadmill and Simi motion computerized gait analysis system. We obtain kinetic, kinematic and pressure data as well as surface electromyography data.

We also use a new and advance technology called CAREN ( computer assisted rehabilitation environment ) to asses balance and stability in runners.

How Can Gait Analysis Help?

  • The data obtained with computerized gait analysis enables physician to see movement deviations, which are not visible with a naked eye during clinical examination.
  • Gait analysis data allows clinicians to distinguish compensation from the real cause. It makes treatment intervention to be targeted to the cause rather than symptoms.
  • Usually patients develop pain at the side of the compensation for a particular mechanical and neuromuscular deficiency.

Running analysis can help to identify biomechanical faults, identify the running style mistakes, training mistakes have a point of reference of the running style, demystify wrong beliefs about running .Running analysis is very important for Injury prevention as it creates a point of reference for a runner. Running analysis also shows the assessment of running efficiency and running economy. Computerized running analysis allows to clean the strike patterns, as studies show that 70% of runners who believe they have a midfoot strike actually are rear foot strikers. For those runners identifying their structural make up will allow them to transition to midfoot or forefoot running and get information on how to improve their running style and if this new style training is actually useful or just replacing the old pattern with new dysfunctional pattern.

The most common biomechanical faults, neuromuscular dysfunctions and some other problems currently experienced by runners could be shown by running analysis are:

  • Inadequate hip extension
  • Decreased foot rockers
  • Compensatory adaptation to structural variations
  • Weak or tight musculature
  • Crossover gait
  • Pelvic drop
  • Dynamic valgus or varum
  • Excessive foot pronation or inadequate supination during push-off
  • Overstriding
  • Improper spatio-temporal parameters
  • Poor shoe matching to their foot type or running technique
  • Mistakes in running styles training and transition to midfoot / forefoot strike
  • Too fast transition to minimalistic running
  • Poor proprioception
  • Asymmetrical weight bearing
  • Poor balance
  • Poor skill

There are many other biomechanical faults occurring in runners. We will be posting blogs on them.

At Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in NYC, we provide a complete running and gait analysis. We use top of the line technology for additional testing and gait and running motor control retraining. For competitive runners we have additional testing such as our return to sports and CAREN technologies.

In addition, we provide shoe and running style counseling, rehab and injury prevention counseling and orthotic prescription if necessary. We use foot pressure mapping analysis to track spatio-temporal parameters (cadence, step/stride length), foot rotation angles as well as excessive pressure. Our Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy and eccentric training along with manual therapy and gait retraining considered as one of the most complete program for runners in the US.Our set up is one of the most advance in the country. Our education is from leading experts in running and sports medicine.

We have been featured in different news as the experts in the field of gait and running analysis.

Should You Invest In A Gait Analysis?