2018 Scholarship Available at NYDNRehab

2018 Scholarship Available at NYDNRehab Blog

NYDNRehab is a leading nationally recognized physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic located in NYC. We embrace innovative therapies and cutting edge technologies to give our patients every advantage in healing and recovery. Our expert team of top-notch professionals have extensive experience in sports medicine, neurorehab, orthopedics, back pain treatment and pediatric rehabilitation. We work with athletes, dancers and runners to correct mechanical deficiencies and improve performance.


NYDNRehab offers the most advanced rehabilitation technology available in an outpatient setting. We are constantly raising the bar and setting new standards for the entire field of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our use of technology combined with holistic and emergent treatment methods is unparalleled in the field of physical therapy.


Physical therapy is a robust and growing field of study, and we are always on the lookout for brilliant new talent. Each year we award $1500 in scholarship funds to  promising physical therapy students, to help cover tuition expenses.


Who Can Apply


  • Current undergraduate or graduate physical therapy students are eligible. Applicants (incoming, full-time and part-time) must be currently enrolled in an accredited degree program. Enrollment must be verified by emailing your transcript to scholarship@nydnrehab.com, with your name in the subject line. Incoming students without transcripts should submit a copy of their letter of acceptance to an accredited program.
  • Applicants should demonstrate a strong interest and aptitude in the field of biomechanics and movement science.
  • Any previous scholarship or monetary prize record will not influence this scholarship award, except for previous receipt of the NYDNRehab award.

How to Apply


  • Complete and submit the application form located on this page.
  • Write an essay of 400 words maximum.
  • The essay should include 3 sections answering the following questions:

1.     What is the role of technology in future rehabilitative medicine?

2.     What is the role of virtual reality in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients     with movement disorders?

3.     What are the challenges in implementing research-based approaches to     everyday practice?


Submission Deadline


This is an annual scholarship. Submissions are accepted beginning November 15, 2017, and will continue to be accepted through July 21, 2018.


Selection Process


Our selection process is based on the quality and content of submitted essays. Each essay will be reviewed by a panel of independent judges. Two students whose essays demonstrate the greatest thoughtfulness, knowledge and understanding of the essay questions will each be awarded a $750 scholarship.


Award Announcement


An announcement of the scholarship winners will be posted by August 15, 2018, on this page. We will contact the scholarship winners directly at the time of the announcement. Winners will receive their scholarships through their school’s financial aid office.


Additional Details


The scholarship may be used to cover tuition and book fees only. Once awarded, the recipient’s school will receive a written check to be credited toward academic costs. The scholarship must be used within one semester. You may only be awarded the NYDNRehab scholarship once during your lifetime.


Mission Statement


NYDNRehab’s goal is to assist other physical therapy and rehabilitation centers with the development of technology-based care programs, and to help patients learn more about new technology-based treatments.




Media contact: Dr. Lev Kalika

Email: scholarship@nydnrehab.com

Address: 130 west 42 street, suite 1055

New York, NY 10036


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130 West 42 Street, Suite 1055, New York, NY 10036
130 west 42 street, suite 1055 New York, NY 10036

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