AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

A woman runs in AlterG antigravity treadmill

Get back into the game faster than ever before by allowing you to train harder, sooner. Our calling is providing the results our patients strive for by following the latest technology advances in medical communities all over the world. Willing to meet the needs of our patients, we dedicate our time to finding the best path of treatment and rehabilitation. Whether they have an orthopedic condition, have experienced neuromuscular damage, have a physical disability, or have suffered a brain injury, we use a vast repertoire of modern technology in combination with our knowledgeable staff in order to find answers. NYDN Rehab proudly presents our most exciting advance in modern technology, our AlterG anti-gravity racetrack. Besides the constructive evaluation and diagnosis, at New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation we intend to aid our customers in the rehabilitation process and help to regain the highest degree of functioning. AlterG racetrack is one of a bundle of innovative devices and treatment options at our disposal. Like many of our therapeutic methods, the main goal is to improve mobility, assist patients in becoming more active, and avoiding injury in the process. In many cases, patients come to New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation because they are experiencing physical limitations for a variety of reasons, whether there is a muscular, neurological, or orthopedic issue at the root of the problem. Through the use of proper diagnosis and treatment, patients can experience improvement in their situation. At New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, our staff is well-versed in a broad range of techniques that are designed to assist our patients in avoiding further injury, retraining their bodies to resume former activities, regain as much mobility as possible and for others improve their performance. When at all possible, we use methods that will cause the least amount of discomfort while still achieving positive steps forward. The AlterG is effective in that it allows a patient to move in such a way as not to be restricted or impacted by the damaging forces of gravity. When patients who have undergone surgery are suffering from a host of physical disabilities, or have experienced the trauma involved in a variety of injuries, including those involving the nervous system, one of the greatest challenges they face is the ability to move freely. The human body is an intricate system of bone, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Any dysfunction in the neuromuscular system can hinder a person’s daily life, causing a nuisance at the least, keeping a individual prisoner to his or her own body at the worst. By retraining the brain, pathways in the nervous system can be restored. Through range of motion exercises, patients can begin to experience movement once again. By using the Alter G, in combination with other techniques and diagnostic tools, it is possible to provide patients with a better quality of life. The AlterG anti-gravity treadmill was designed and used by NASA to train astronauts in the reduced gravity environment. Since then AlterG technology has been adapted for treatment and prevention of sports injuries. It has also been used by specialized rehabilitation centers dealing with post-stroke recovery and restoration from brain injuries.

Similar in basic design to a traditional racetrack machine, AlterG is complete with an encircling airtight skirt.

The skirt is allowed to get all the air in and sort of turn into this “bubble”. In accordance with runner’s weight and air tightness is calibrated. In its essence the machine should create an effect of running in a much lower gravity than a runner is used to. Professional trainers make the most use out of this procedure. It has been proven to aid physical rehab process as well. In addition this race track machine does not take away from your range of motion and does not make you uncomfortable. Patients are issued especially designed shorts that they wear.

They are attached firmly into the base of the skirt. This way the patient is not limited in any way and can perform in his usual manner on the treadmill.

Pro athletes will benefit not only from the machine but also from the digital monitor that allows you to view the progress. Both – LA Lakers Team and Beijing’08 Olympics athletes confirmed the high efficacy of this machine for pro training. Alter G gives opportunity to athletes to perform faster and for longer periods of time as opposed to conventional sport equipment. It basically makes the sportsman lighter in weight and allows him or her to train for longer periods of time. Less pressure on cardiovascular system, longer training sessions – better stamina.

AlterG is widely used in Orthopedic Functional rehabilitation, rehabilitation of spinal injury and back pain, sports injury rehabilitation and prevention, post-traumatic rehabilitation, rehabilitation of repetitive use disorders as well as neurological rehabilitation.

The Alter G training machine gives the unique possibility to reduce the impact of body weight for as much as needed by boosting the air pressure inside the camera. Decrease your body weight by 20% or even 80% and try out your best way to perform.

It is not uncommon that Alter G is used in rehab processes for:

  • post surgery mobility renewal
  • post-stroke dexterity recuperation
  • post-trauma rehab
  • post muscle or leg injury recovery
  • taking the body weight off the newly repaired joints
  • elderly restoration
  • weight loss patients.

The advantages of no-gravity training sessions:

  • the pressure is taken off the system; a patient can go longer distances without getting so tired easily
  • the muscle tone is increased faster, the stamina builds consistently
  • no stress is put onto the weakened lower limbs of the patient.

More than that, Alter G adjusts tolerated bearing of weight in one percent increments. This way the patient can tell exactly when the load is too much and starts causing painful sensations. The session is being monitored and charted.

What sets this rather unique machine apart from other similar devices is its precise weight-bearing level control.

Thanks to this outstanding quality, Alter G:

  • enables people to keep training sessions despite the trauma
  • allows to restore natural gain with no pain
  • improves balance and stability
  • permits to fight unwanted weight joyfully
  • lets hip injured patients to keep training.

Neurorehabilitation Program

Alter G results in:

  • increased neuroplasticity
  • easier neuromuscular and proprioceptive re-training
  • a safe space for rehab training
  • enabled higher work load and lesser cardiovascular load.