Myths and Misconceptions: Muscle Soreness

Myths and Misconceptions. Muscle Soreness

an intensive training program. While some muscle soreness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, persistent, extreme muscle soreness is.

An all to the growth of the muscle and will prohibit you from moving forward with your fitness goals.

Muscle soreness is due to tear and the repair process is underway. This equals bigger, stronger muscles.

But people tend to better results while training. In fact, you’re only increasing the likelihood of muscle injuries which, in the long run, takes you further from your goals.

Many people consistently overtrain, but don’t immediately sustain any injuries. They think their body can handle it and they continue pushing and pushing, and just dealing with the almost unbearable muscle soreness, thinking they are only getting stronger. The problem with non-sto injuries.

The best way towards that kind of training.

For some people, especially athletes, avoiding overtraining is easier said than done. So what do you do if you have serious muscle soreness and/or injuries? Physical therapy can help you work to their proper function. Physical therapists can identify problems in the muscles and assist with correcting them.

If you have serious muscle soreness or another type of injury, it’s best to whole body health.