Apos Therapy

The name APOS stands for: all phases of gait cycle. Apos therapy is an innovative non-surgical and drug-free method for treating joint pain caused by various musculoskeletal disorders and physical injuries. Apos therapy is based on the utilization of specially designed shoes and foot wear which is individually adjusted for each patient. The shoes help offload all muscles and joints starting from the ankle and up to the lower back area forcing them to function correctly. This not only relieves pain and treats disorders, but also has a positive effect on posture and gait leading to wellbeing of the whole body.

What is Apos Therapy?

Apostherapy may be indicated for the treatment
of the following common Knee, Hip and Low Back pain conditions.


The technology behind Apos Therapy

The technology behind this method is incredibly simple, yet very effective. The system consists of two biomechanical units called “Pertupods”. These pertupods are mounted to the sole of the Apos shoe underneath the forefoot and the heel. The Apos therapist adjusts the system in accordance with the patient’s biomechanical gait parameters as well as weight, height and the severity of the disorder or injury. Apos therapy starts working as soon as the patient begins walking in these shoes. The adjusted pertupods properly align the lower body and shifts the center of pressure in the required direction in order to achieve proper effect on the joints. This slight misalignment exercises and strengthens the ligaments and muscles that support the joints. The system allows undergoing treatment while leading a regular life style without the need for surgery, post-surgery rehabilitation and medical drugs.

apos terapy

The apostherapy biomechanical appliance will be calibrated specifically
for you by your AposTherapy Certified Physical Therapist.


What does Apos Therapy treat?

Apos therapy is especially effective in cases when it is necessary to decrease the weight burden (joint overload) on the lower body joints and reestablish neuromuscular control. Apos is suitable for treatment of a wide range of disorders and injuries including:

Knee discomfort and pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee joint, damage to the meniscus, patello-femoral pain

Lower back stiffness and pain: osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and chronic back pain

Ankle injuries, including bone damage (ruptures, ligament tears, bone fractures)

Hip joint osteoarthritis, hip pains and injuries

Rehabilitation after sports injuries such as knee ligaments tears and wears (ACL, MCL…)

Post-surgery rehabilitation

Apostherapy retrains the way you move.
Painful movement patterns are retrained and pain-free movement restored.


Wear and tear of cartilage
or an injury hurts your joint


The muscles surrounding the affected
part of the joint contracts naturally to
compensate but ends up causing more pain


AposTherapy retrains your muscless
to return to its optimal functionality,
alleviating pain in the process

Treatment process

In order to properly adjust the system the Apos therapist conducts a number of tests and computerized examinations to determine the exact therapy program. These will reveal walking patterns, evaluate the injury or disorder and help calibrate the biomechanical device accordingly. At NYDNR we utilize cutting edge technologies such as gait analysis and CAREN (Computer assisted Rehabilitation Environment) to precisely analyze each movement and find the best possible treatment option.

After the initial consultation and evaluation our certified Apos therapist individually configures the system and goes over necessary stages of treatment. Typically the patient needs to wear the Apos once a day for one hour, while running errands, working or simply taking an evening walk. The time may vary depending on the treatment program schedule. Apos therapy requires no surgery or specific exercises. After each stage the patient undergoes checkpoint tests that monitor the therapy progress and define the adjustments that need to be made to the system. Most patients feel the relief after the very first session. After several weeks of therapy the cast majority of patients report significant improvements. Research shows that Apos therapy effectively treats joint diseases, sport injuries and facilitates rehabilitation processes. Over 85% of all patients using Apos did not take any painkiller medicine, 83% say that they are more than satisfied with the treatment results. (Brandman research group, an independent telephone survey 2008)

NYDN Rehab Clinic

This revolutionary treatment method is finally available for New Yorkers at our NYDNR Clinic. For many disorders the combination of already available cutting edge technologies, our specialized physical therapy methods and diagnostic expertise is simply unprecedented. Whether you are an athlete recovering after an injury or an office worker suffering from joint pains, we will determine the most applicable treatment method and help you get back to your everyday life. Visit our New York clinic to find out if Apos therapy can help you.

Apos therapy

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